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Full Version: Who here enjoys watching sports? (sports general)
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I don't know how many people are actually interested in sports, but I recall a few members being a part of some sport at some point in their lives.

I kind of want to start this thread because there's been a lot going on in sports related news and such and I'd figure there would be something worthwhile to discuss in the subject. Like Hernandez on the Pats being suspected with murder, or the Stanley Cup playoffs and such. And there's probably a ton of other things going on. With that being said I kind of want to talk about these kind of things a bit more if I see something of interest and hopefully see other people talking about the subject.

First of all the Stanley Cup. I love Hockey to death and I can honestly go on about how it's the only sport I can enjoy watching. But I'm going to cut to the chase and say that the Bruins and the Blackhawks are pretty much evenly matched right now. I mean they're both good teams in their own right and hell I think ether team has a chance of winning at this point. It'd be nice if the Bruins can win though because of so many reasons. Especially since it'd be like New Orleans winning the Super Bowl after Hurricane Katrina.

And far as Herandez goes, I don't know the whole deal aside from the charges. But a friend of mine mentioned how crazy it was over in Foxborough with the coverage awhile ago. I kind of want to learn a little bit more about the details actually because it's kind of an interesting issue. All I know is that he is losing a lot of support from sponsors (or something like that)
I'm a avid Hockey fan, and enjoy watching football as well.
The triple overtime Chicago-Boston game was intense. I only watched the overtime and I still saw about half of the game

(I like hockey)
That game was nuts, this years' finals have been so intense!
I don't really watch sports much, when I do it's usually just on TV by coincidence. Since rugby is pretty much THE sport here it's on a lot, and although I don't really know all the rules, it's still fairly entertaining. Same with golf, if it's on I might watch. Soccer's fairly enjoyable to watch (played it a lot when I was younger), but again I won't go looking for it. Table tennis is probably my favourite sport (to play as well as watch) so I'd watch that if it ever came on.

Other than that I don't actively watch sports other than the Olympics and FIFA.
(06-21-2013, 07:24 PM)Phantom K Wrote: [ -> ]The triple overtime Chicago-Boston game was intense. I only watched the overtime and I still saw about half of the game

(I like hockey)

I stayed up for the whole game and holy shit.

I was almost about ready to turn the TV off before Chicago made that goal.

I honestly would love Boston to win this one but it's evenly matched. I don't mind seeing Chicago winning ether so it's a win win situation for my spectating.

I'm still waiting for Jagr to make a goal though.
I'm just mad that the Sharks got hit with some stupid road blocks. That suspension on Torres was complete crap, I don't give a shit that he had a reputation as a dirty player before, ever since he joined the Sharks he'd done nothing but play good clean hockey, and to get suspended on what everyone was calling a shaky call to begin with for the entire series was just the NHL catering to the Kings. That and Quick is a fucking freak of nature when it comes to goaltending. There was so many shots he blocked that he wasn't even looking at or paying attention to.

Regarding the Finals, the Blackhawks are my go to team after the Sharks, so I'm rooting for them, but wouldn't really mind it if the Bruins won. It's been a good series and that's all a fan can really ask for.
Yeah the Kings are kind of over hyped.

Then again I guess they deserve that for winning last year, but it should have died down by now.

Ether way as long as it isn't Vancouver I'm fine with any team winning the Stanley Cup. I don't really like that team that much.
I played Mario Tennis once.
I'm actually OK with the Blackhawks winning, they earned it. (Plus they're my second favorite team in the NHL)

The Bruins did their best. And honestly I couldn't be anymore proud of how far they got despite the short season.
Blackhawks are my second favorite too, so I'm pretty happy about it Smile
I missed the game because work. I was hoping it would go to game 7 so I could watch the last game, but oh well, glad chicago won

Aside from him getting fired by the Pats and some of the other evidence that has been revealed I doubt it looks good for Hernandez.
The only sports related thing that I watch is darts and even then many people don't consider that a sport.

They rarely put it on TV but they did on the weekend, it was the European Championship in Germany and I was a bit surprised to find out who won. Also surprising was that Phil Taylor, the darts player that is the most famous out of them all got knocked out by Ronny Huybrechts (a not well known Belgium player).

Considering that I don't like watching rugby, golf, tennis [them two I would rather play in virtual form since they are much quicker], cricket (gah!), cycling (except in the velodrome in the olympics where it is quicker and more exciting) and only watch football in small doses.
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