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Poll: Custom Pokémon!
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[Image: QvQnRcR.png] Bombshell93
1 4.17%
[Image: ilUq5FH.png] NICKtendo DS
12 50.00%
[Image: pokeman%20final.png] Sevenstitch
1 4.17%
[Image: dagehorn.png] [Image: IWDfRGc.gif] Virtuaboy123
9 37.50%
[Image: frogloon_zps0b6b0c1b.png] SuperGoomba
1 4.17%
Total 24 vote(s) 100%
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tSR Compo Vol.13: Pokémon! - VOTING
(01-26-2013, 06:55 AM)Previous Wrote: Since everyone seems to be back into Pokémon!

So you're fed up with all these bad Fakemon and Pokémon splices? Tired of seeing Pikasaur and Wartwo? Sick of Plaid Pink and Dotted Orange?
The thirteenth volume of the tSC Compo Series challanges you to make your own custom Pokémon battle sprites!

Here are the rules:

Front and back pose, each 64x64px maximum
16 colours maximum (one palette for both sprites)
• The front sprite may have a battle intro animation of 3 frames at most
• If you're out of creative ideas, official Pokémon are fine, but your own creations are preferred. However, splices and edits will be shot on sight.
• If you're super fancy, you may set up a battle mock-up with health bars, text boxes and all that sweet eye-candy. These may have their own palettes, but should not be accounted for judgement.
• I think everything else is self-explanatory.

Thanked by: SuperGoomba
Oops I kinda forgot to announce the winner!!!

This round goes to NICKtendo DS' Hokoot (12), followed by Virtuaboy123's Dagehorn (9) and trailed by Bombshell93's Purgar, Sevenstitch's Seervian and SuperGoomba's Floon!

Thanks to everyone for participating!
Thanked by: Garamonde, Mag, Sevenstitch, Virt
This was a pretty fun one, I wish I'd had more time though. Not the compo's fault, I was just busy the past week.

Congrats to Nicktendo DS, looking forward to the next one! Smile
[Image: 22610_s.gif]

Thanked by: Baegal
I'm dry out of ideas. Is it okay if I leave this to the runner-up?
[Image: QUmE6.gif]
My Game Maker games (Dropbox download links):

Thanked by: Garamonde, Kami
But of course! :>
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If you ask me, whoever of this round's participants who wants to can make the next one.
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would it be okay if I gave it a shot?
that is of course if virtuaboy doesn't feel up to it (I have a feeling hes just not checked this thread since the competition end)
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First come, first served, I'd say go ahead! :>
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