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Love and Ref: The Love Thread 2013-2014
Oh man, this reminds me of the Earthbound project you started a while ago!

Love it!
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Hey, not to be "that guy"

but we are like 4 months into 2014

should not the title to this thread reflect this

Also, possible palette change for my ref, a little show and teal

[Image: colors.png]

Teal and Orange are my two favorite colors, and favorite color combo; Greenguin would have never been green had the TFR palette had a teal ramp to begin with

Although now I stand at a crossroads- do i keep my previous palette to stay true to the name, or do I forsake the poor pun and remoniker the flightless avian
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Yeah maybe make a new thread too 33 pages seems excessive
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i am constantly befuddled by the page numbers people give and it's purely because i have the forums set to show the maximum number of posts per page

this thread is only on page 10 for me, and the previous love threads made it to 34, 23, and 21 pages, respectively. i'm not going to really weigh in on that, but i thought i'd bring the info up if it meant anything to anyone else.

other than that yes at least change the thread title to be accurate
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Well tbh it wouldn't hurt to redo the list in the beginning to reflect the changes in frequent members
half the people aren't really even here any more
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