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Dragon Quest IV NDS Monster Rips Updated 9/14; Through 30
I was just fiddeling around with this and found a way to rip all of the monsters directly from this game. Does anyone want me to continue? If not I won't bother.Tongue
[Image: 000850.png]

[Image: 001995.png]

[Image: 002601.png]

[Image: 003134.png]

[Image: 004363.png]

[Image: 005297.png]

[Image: 006131.png]

[Image: 007199.png]

[Image: 008413.png]

[Image: 009960.png]

[Image: 010216.png]

[Image: 011593.png]

[Image: 012968.png]

[Image: 014685.png]

[Image: 013180.png]

[Image: 012968.png]

[Image: 016596.png]

[Image: 016596.png]

[Image: 018643.png]

[Image: 019879.png]

[Image: 020603.png]

[Image: 021508.png]

[Image: 022138.png]

[Image: 023299.png]

[Image: 024904.png]

[Image: 025389.png]

[Image: 026397.png]

[Image: 027482.png]

[Image: 028293.png]

[Image: 029956.png]

[Image: 030702.png]
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Oh my God. The amount of pillow shading on the first one makes me sick. Keep ripping though.
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I will probably do 10 a day for the next week or so and that should finish the entire game. So keep checking back here!
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Can you arrange the sheets a bit?
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These are great.
[Image: b1.php?u=39480955]
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(09-10-2008, 11:16 AM)Dazz Wrote: Can you arrange the sheets a bit?

It would take way too much time, i am sorryShy

These are direct rips from the Rom, I did not take screenshots or anything. This is the way they are set up naturally.
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Maybe anyone who wants a share in the credits can arrange the sheets, add credits, put the poses in order, etc.

Just an idea.
[Image: ZRdfkWQ.jpg]
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All your sheets have an offset they shouldn't have.
Eg: monster #1 should look like this:
[Image: m000.jpg]

You can use this plugin for Tahaxan (save as DRAGONQUEST4.xml), but since Tahaxan doesn't support 8bit multipalettes, not all monsters can be ripped correctly with it.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
        <title>Dragon Quest IV</title>
        <format pattern="\.tex\.lz$">
            <file_type>TEXture File</file_type>
            <type tiled="false">Picture</type>
                        -- currently only TextureObject is supported
                        if(buffer:sub(0x00,0x0D) == "TextureObject") then

                            palOffset = string.byte(buffer:sub(0x3D)) + 16^2 * string.byte(buffer:sub(0x3E)) + 16^4 * string.byte(buffer:sub(0x3F)) + 16^6 * string.byte(buffer:sub(0x40));

                            --palSize = string.byte(buffer:sub(0x39)) + 16^2 * string.byte(buffer:sub(0x3A)) + 16^4 * string.byte(buffer:sub(0x3B)) + 16^6 * string.byte(buffer:sub(0x3C));
                            palSize = buffer:len() - palOffset;
                            palType = string.byte(buffer:sub(0x21));
                            if(palType == 4 or palType == 1) then
                                palType = PALETTE_8Bits;
                            elseif(palType == 3) then
                                palType = PALETTE_4Bits;
                                invalid = "Unsupported Palette Type: " .. palType/256;
                                palType = 0;
                            picOffset = string.byte(buffer:sub(0x35)) + 16^2 * string.byte(buffer:sub(0x36)) + 16^4 * string.byte(buffer:sub(0x37)) + 16^6 * string.byte(buffer:sub(0x38));
                            picSize = string.byte(buffer:sub(0x31)) + 16^2 * string.byte(buffer:sub(0x32)) + 16^4 * string.byte(buffer:sub(0x33)) + 16^6 * string.byte(buffer:sub(0x34));
                            --picSize = 0;
                            if (picSize == 256*192) then
                                imgWidth = 256;
                                imgHeight = 192;
                            elseif (picSize == 64*96) then
                                imgWidth = 64;
                                imgHeight = picSize / 64;
                            elseif (picSize == 256*128) then
                                imgWidth = 256;
                                imgHeight = 128;                            
                            elseif (picSize > 256*256) then
                                imgWidth = 512;
                                if((picSize / 512) % 1 ~= 0) then
                                    imgWidth = 0;
                                    imgHeight = 0;
                                    imgHeight = picSize / 512;

                            invalid = "Unsupported Texture type '"..buffer:sub(0x01,0x0F).."'.";
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This one seems like it would be pretty rough to rip due to the relative complexity of the animations. I recently played through this and the monsters have a pretty smooth animation so I can only imagine it would be a bit hard to accurately rip and then reanimate these in say flash or even as a gif.

Anyone have any ideas on a good way to reanimate these accurately again?
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Why did you necro bump this?

Anyway, I'm in a good mood, so I'll answer your question.
The method I use is generally use animget to capture animations to screenshots, then assemble the tiles to how each frame looks or erase the backgrounds - whichever method is less time consuming for you.
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