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tSR Werewolf 20XX: Werewolf Harder (signups)
i have played this game before. hated it completely.

though this is a nice activity for tSR. also it's nice to see you again, Sol c: I won't be playing, but i'll keep an eye on this.
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count me in.
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Yes!!!!! Finally!!! You finally did it! This is finally happening!
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Sounds really fun, sign me up please. Smile
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Hi. I wanna partake in your werewolf game!
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(07-13-2012, 04:37 AM)Sol Wrote: How about I add you to the player list, and if we run out of room, I'll just move you to the replacement list? Then you'd just take someone's place if they had to stop playing for whatever reason. Sound good?

Sure thing Cute
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Sign me up!
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Big Grin 
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I'm in
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Oh sweet Jesus, I'm in.

It was surprisingly fun last time.
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Soooooo, what happened to this?
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Well, pretty soon after I started the thread there were some family issues and I was the only one available, so I went to stay with a relative for awhile to help them out. When I got back there wasn't much to it besides being unmotivated, which I realize is a really shitty attitude to have when I'm asking you guys for regular participation, especially when I've been so quiet about this, so I must apologize for that. I also realize that considering the time that's passed, some of you might be too busy now to play. If that's the case, then I am doubly sorry. Give me a couple more days, and I'll have things ready for the game.
Hey everyone, the current plan is to have everything ready for the game to start at 9:00 P.M. EST August 16th. (later today) I've sent out messages to all the players just to reconfirm if you're all still available to play. Just send me one back telling me what your situation is. If you're too busy now, or I guess just don't feel like it anymore, I understand. If you don't see the PM by the time the game starts, then I will save your place until a couple of days have passed, at which point I may seek replacement players.

That being said, anyone that can't play will have their spot given to whoever asks for it first. So far one person has dropped out, and it's possible others will too, so if you wanted to play but missed it the first time around, now's your chance! And in any case, you can always sign up as a replacement. And if everything goes according to plan, the game should start later today. Smile
Oh man oh man oh man I can't wait for this

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