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Full Version: tSR Werewolf 20XX: Werewolf Harder (signups)
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Hey all, I was thinking lately that I'd like to host one of these games again. It seems crazy that I haven't had one since 2010, haha. (some of you might remember it)

Anyway, to those unfamiliar with the game of Werewolf, (also known as Mafia) it is a game, played either face to face, or over the internet, where there are two teams: The Innocents and the Werewolves. The goal of the Innocents is to kill all the Werewolves, and the goal of the Werewolves is to kill the Innocents until they are outnumbered. Innocents kill by voting for someone's execution, and Werewolves kill by mauling Innocents. The catch is that the Werewolves are aware of each others' identities, whereas the Innocents don't know who is Innocent, and who could be a Werewolf in disguise.

Games are played in real time, in day-long phases, aptly called "Days." During the day, players (Innocent and Werewolf alike) cast a vote in the game thread on who should be executed, under suspicion of being a Werewolf. Obviously Werewolves do not have this goal in mind when voting, and can use deceit to cast suspicion on other players. If a majority of votes on a player is reached, they are executed at the end of the day. Day is also when the Werewolves privately send me the name of the player they want to kill.

Immediately after each Day phase is a Night phase that occurs instantly, where the player the Werewolves targeted is killed, and certain other actions take effect. Immediately after Night, the next Day phase begins, and so does the next round of voting.

Certain players can sometimes be given special powers, depending on their role, which is sent to them in a PM at the beginning of the game, explaining their goal, what powers they have, (if any) and how to use them. The two basic roles are Plain Innocent, an Innocent with no special powers, and Werewolf, a member of a pack that collectively chooses one player to kill each night. The two most common after that are the Protector, an Innocent who can protect others from Werewolf attacks, and the Seer, an Innocent who can target a player each night and learn if they are a Werewolf or not. There are a multitude of other roles that can be used, with powers like instant-kills, redirecting another player's powers to a different target, halting the Night phase entirely, and reviving players and bringing them back into the game. In a complex game, there can even be extra teams or roles that aren't aligned to any team at all. I try to balance roles so that neither team has an advantage over the other.

Also, I like to write out little stories that summarize each Day and Night's events. Smile

Hopefully I've explained the game well enough, but if you're confused or want more information, feel free to post questions or check out the game's Wikipedia article. I'd link to the previous game's thread, but it seems to have been erased in last year's forum database meltdown.

We can play with less, but I think a number of players around 15-20 would be pretty cool. Hopefully that's not biting off more than I can chew, or overestimating people's interest, haha. A game with that many people might last around....a little over a week? Give or take a couple of days. Maybe.

Anyone who wants to play should know that daily participation is expected. It doesn't take that long to sign in, read the thread, and make a vote. The game kind of hinges on people being active so people that sign up but don't show up to play can kind of put a damper on things. If you are inactive for too long a time, I may kick you from the game. However, I'm not going to judge you if something comes up in your personal life or you lose your internet connection in the middle of the game or anything like that. If the game starts but you don't think you can play anymore, just send me a PM if you're able and we'll be fine.

That said, if we reach the player limit, you can still sign up as a replacement. Replacements take someone's place in a game if they are kicked or leave for other reasons.

Lastly there are a bunch rules regarding behavior and conduct that I don't feel like typing out unless we get a game going, but it's pretty important that they be followed. So uh, break the rules badly enough and you might get kicked. Just a heads-up!

I don't know exactly when the game would be starting up, basically just when/if ever enough people sign up and I get all the roles ready.

Well uh, that's it! I hope enough of you are interested. God this post is long. Ouch!

tl;dr Game! Fun! Two teams! Innocents: kill Werewolves! Werewolves: kill Innocents! Plots! Lies and trickery! Alliances and drama! Magical powers, if you're lucky! Join now! Join. Now. Join now. Smile


1. Kitsu
2. Phantom K
3. alexmach1
4. Kat
5. total burning heart kojjiro
6. Hoeloe
7. Previous
8. Trollerskates
9. [robo9]
10. recolorcool
11. Crappy Blue Luigi
12. OldMcHeadburger
13. Sir Zabadabenabadaba
14. Rosencrantz
15. natashaontherun
16. Tellis
17. Chameleon
18. Vipershark
19. Britt
20. Keiang


1. Shadow Kami, replaced Trollerskates
2. TorchManiac, replaced Kitsu
3. Mutsukki
4. redblueyellow
5. Sorario
Yeah! I certainly loved your previous Werewolf games and this means I don't have to write and run one myself, and I look forward to this one!

I love werewolf!
I'm pretty busy with work and stuff, but I should have a couple of minutes each day to participate. Sign me up please
ima try this out and see how things turn out in the end. gibe sign up plox
Oh My God.

Sign me up this freaking instant.
ill join but only if everything is changed to skeletons
I've never played/heard of this before.

I'll play if the regulars/TSRFamily members who want to participate all get in. If there's a closed roster, I'd rather not bump out anybody who's more familiar with everyone else.
(07-13-2012, 03:56 AM)MRSKELETON Wrote: [ -> ]ill join but only if everything is changed to skeletons

well if you want to get scientific everything is already skeletons, there's just stuff around em

so I'll put you down as a yes then

(07-13-2012, 04:14 AM)Kriven Wrote: [ -> ]I've never played/heard of this before.

I'll play if the regulars/TSRFamily members who want to participate all get in. If there's a closed roster, I'd rather not bump out anybody who's more familiar with everyone else.

How about I add you to the player list, and if we run out of room, I'll just move you to the replacement list? Then you'd just take someone's place if they had to stop playing for whatever reason. Sound good?
Ah, haven't played this on here for ages. (Or anywhere for that matter). Sign me up!
Only if I can be Abraham Lincoln and kill all the vampires.
Go ahead and kill all of those non-existing vampires~
I guess I'll join?? This seems pretty interesting!
I missed the last time, so I definitely want to join this time!
I think I will join. uh yeah, definitively.
(07-13-2012, 07:27 AM)Previous Wrote: [ -> ]Only if I can be Abraham Lincoln and kill all the vampires.

They're WEREWOLVES damn it Francis

Though seeing PT Werewolf featured some vampires, you can never be too careful...
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