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I Need Sprites For My Game
Hello... I am that one guy and i was looking for spriters who would be willing to create sprites for my game ZINE. I use gamemaker and it is a platformer game... the sprites that i need would be similar to the picture attatched to this thread and if you would like you can edit them and send your edit to me for me to use in my game... all people who help in the games creation will be posted in bold in the credits and will receive a free special version of the game...

here is the link to the original 8bit game:

and here is my email if you are interested in my offer/objective thingy...

P.S: The changes to the sprites would be that the body would be a dark gray and the visor would be red... the gun would be built in and would shoot a red beam of plasma.

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Did you not read any rules? Don't use attachments and this isn't the place for requests which you shouldn't be making yet anyway.
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Wrong Forum, Need 20 Posts to request, Need to be on forum for a month to request, Don't use attachments, Etc.

Sorry Pal, not today.
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Read the rules.
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