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[MUSIC] Zelda HQ
Well, I thought I might as well post this here. I happen to be known around various areas of the interwebs for making Zelda remixes, so I thought I'd share them with you. They've had some pretty positive feedback so far, including being featured on, and a lot of people seem to enjoy them.

The reason I'm posting these now is because I've made a new addition to the series (literally within the past hour), after a long period of doing nothing to it. This would be "The Spirit Tracks". Once upon a time, I took requests for songs, but now I just make whatever takes my fancy.

My aim with these tracks was to take the original songs and then re-format them in new and interesting ways. Admittedly, this can be seen more in some than others.

There are 3 (so far) parts of this series, each representing a game. Two of these only have one track, and the other has all the rest of them.

And that's all of them. Enjoy.
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if this is a remix, i dont see why it should be labeled as "HQ". its quite a misleading title.

i instantly went to check gerudo valley, considering its one of the most remixed songs in OT, there is plenty to make a comparission-including the originals ong itself-.

i'd have to admit it was a huge dissapointment. the whole song feels quite weird. the whole charm of the song comes from precisely the acoustic guitar. in your take, its being pulled to the back to a mere riff thata barely sounds in the background. the drums sound way out of place, making everything sound as if every instrument was fighting for its place on the song rather than compliment each other.

and then, i went for the spirit tracks theme. and i actually liked it. i can see you actually did a better job and improved from your previous works by actually trying to put emphasis on what makes the song unique and recognizable. it truly gave me that feeling of "brawl arrangement" wich is good to an extent. the whole arrangement sounds like a natural step foward from the original DS soundtrack.
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The label 'HQ' is solely a title. It comes from the fact that the first two songs I made (namely The Lost Woods and The Windmill Hut) were remakes of older remixes, which I'd titled "OOT: The Lost Woods" etc. I added the HQ to allow me to differentiate between the two remixes without going over the character limit, and the name sort of stuck.

The Gerudo Valley theme didn't come out quite how I intended, I'll admit. It's an interesting point, though, and not one someone has made before. With the OoT tracks, particularly, I tried to give a slightly different spin on all of them. Some worked better than others. Thanks for the comment, though. It's always good to get constructive comments, positive or negative.

I think the Spirit Tracks one went much better than some of the others, and I think it was because I did it all without sheet music. Because of this, I had to trust the harmonies in my head, and not get constrained by those already constructed, which allowed me to be much freer with the style of it. Again, thanks for the comments.
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