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PC/DOS Constructor Sounds
Today I extracted the sounds from the PC/DOS game Constructor. The .wav's were extracted from the DATA.FIL files located in the SFX and LFX with the Game Audio Player.

DL Links:
Themes -
General -
Ambiance -
Units -
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What do "Themes" mean? I know you wouldn't try to submit music, but I'm rather curious. Tongue
[Image: CN9uwXW.gif]
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@Mighty Jetters

Whenever you enter a building in Constructor those sounds that correspond to the appropriate building will be played, some of then loop. Have you played this game before?
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No I haven't actually, not even heard of it. ^^;

Anyway, good to know, I've got everything up now! Big Grin
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Yeah, Constructor was a pretty quiet game. Thanks for getting this uploaded BTW! Big Grin
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It's my pleasure, hope to see you submit more cool stuff. Big Grin
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