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Kick a bike
Well, in that case, then I just ask, in case someone edits the sprite for improving, I at least expect it to have proper explanation and demonstration on what should be changed/improved, because it feels a bit worthless for occasion like "Hay, I made it better, here it is" when I really don't ask for it, if you know what I mean. Of course, if someone edits it in a very simple and clear way to see the difference that should be made, then there's not exactly a need to explain it.
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I really like it when someone edits my sprites. Shows that they liked them enough to begin with.

I made this Mario sprite and Starpower edited it to give me some pointers. I didn't end out using his edit but instead used it as a guide for fixing up my sprite in my own way, following his edit.
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I honestly don't like it too much when people edit my sprites, because then I just feel like I'm copying what they changed.
[Image: b6Bqjzn.gif]
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Hi Gensu,

I had a few issues with your female character (present for Genzoman): the anatomy is kind of broken, may it be in the rendering of the knees, the volume, the shading... so I tried improving it:
[Image: tuyDR.png]
Rendered the knees, sloped the hips, changed the face's proportions, the feet, etc.
Hope it helps you.
[Image: x1aIZ2e.gif]
[Image: shrine.gif]

I do like the position of the right feet in there, as well the sloped hips, it goes nicely with the pose. As for the... skirt thing and face, they are actually like that for the character (from what I saw), the skirt thing does stands in front of the leg, and the eyes are that much far from each other (don't ask me). Although I still find this a tad helpful, even though I might just fix this in case I decided to do something such as animate the stance, which I have been planning to do since the start, but couldn't because I had to work on other things.

Also, the fire sprite? Anyone? I'm still not sure about it. I want to make sure it's alright so I can get it animated.

[Image: 29aqfz9.png]
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I actually made an avatar design that didn't feel like a rip off this time, as you can see in my avatar now. Also, birthday comic thing. I got a coin.

[Image: e059e503b40ecd050584908826c83a12-d5e2wjw.png]

One coin alone is always useless, though.
[Image: jf9078.gif] [Image: 2h73sw5.gif]


[Image: 3343gvm.png]

how long

[Image: 65262c71a90b7dde55ac2ffe98fe91a4-d5p5iv5.png]

have I

[Image: 10yi32u.gif]


[Image: 23i9lid.png]


[Image: 14j5fua.gif]

I also came to the realization that Gensu was a horrible name. So, hi. [Image: motorroach.gif]

Recently, I decided to practice isometric backgrounds and objects, so I decided to start with something simple.

[Image: r9kg92.png]

I thought that dithered shading would be a nice choice for this, though I think the shading on this could still somehow look better. Any tips that could help improving this sprite or just be helpful on future isometric sprites are welcome.
Uh, the sprites are good, but

the thread name isn't very appropriate...
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I am sorry for the inappropriate name choice. I edited the title of the topic.

To not leave this post empty:

[Image: 2j4q5wj.gif] [Image: raorno.gif] [Image: 25jzckw.gif]

A few animations based on the best webcomic ever.

Also, still needing tips/criticism on the isometric sprite.
I like dem SRB2 Knuckleses
do you have an account on the SRB2 MB? :o
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I actually do, though I don't intend using it again anytime soon. For sure, I'll at least use it again once I'm done with my SRB2 Knuckles remake (because the official SRB2 Knuckles is god awful). I only didn't finish him sooner because I progress so slowly on his animations.

[Image: 2q9e8ph.png]

(I'm sorry, I only found the Japanese version of this rom)
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(02-25-2013, 08:55 AM)MotorRoach Wrote: [Image: 10yi32u.gif]
"I am real super sand legend!"

In all seriousness though, I really like these!
[Image: 582217063e.png][Image: RWDCRik.png]

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So, I was trying to practice a round isometric object, and...

[Image: 2q33gg8.png]

The anti aliasing on the top of it doesn't feels right to me. Can anybody help me?
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You'll inevitably have a noisy outline if you dither. You could try different dithering patterns but you'll still have the same problem.
[Image: x1aIZ2e.gif]
[Image: shrine.gif]

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Knuckles is red
Sonic is blue

[Image: k9ykio.png]

Tails is orange
And steals your bubbles too

Also, got to finish another one of these:

[Image: 122lwd4.gif]
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