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Who is Keychain?
literally the only thing anyone has any room to be pissed about is that, if keychain has been lying, it means she's using someone else's photos, assumedly without permission.

Absolutely nothing else about this matters. hth.
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that's what I think tbh. I believe in her, but lying is something that really makes me upset, and it is the only offender in this whole case.
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Pretty much. All the bullshit about having to find out her 'real gender' is absolutely rooted in transphobia-- the 'proof' that she's lying about her gender is that apparently her birth name is Aaron
which-- doesn't mean a fucking thing about gender, tbh. Gender is a fuckton more complicated than just what's in your pants.

I'm not saying Keychain's definitely trans or that Aaron is definitely her, I don't honestly know and neither do I care, plus I don't really wanna draw any conclusions about someone I hardly know, but I'm not just gonna sit here and watch people start a bullshit witch hunt over rumours, especially not when it's related to something as personal as gender identity.

Be pissed at the possibility of yanked photos, don't be pissed at PFFT GIRLS WHAT GOLD DIGGERS AMIRITE or PFFT AARON'S NOT A GIRL'S NAME THEREFORE: DUDE. Because both of those are fucking stupid and offensive stances.
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I think the only thing that is possible to be mad about is in fact if Keychain ever lied to begin with? I don't see how people getting keychain games on steam is bad at all, and if they did it just to impress the "wamenz" thats pathetic on their part and they should probably evaluate themselves. And besides, nothing wrong with gifting games.
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ok seriously??? SERIOUSLY??????

what right do you have to post a big topic calling someone out in regards to IF THEYRE SCAMMING PEOPLE OR FAKING THEIR GENDER OR WHATEVER

since when is it even allowed to make topics to call someone out on something??

youre a fucking admin, pm the damn person if you have an issue. dont go making a topic in an attempt to make them look bad or to share a laugh with a lot of people or whatever the fuck your intention is. if keychain is a guy then fine, whatever, it's not a thing you should be openly discussing. im sure if there is a reason for pretending to be a girl, it's not a thing he would want to say out in the open like this. if keychain is a girl, then theres JUST NO DISCUSSION TO BE HAD.
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independing on the outcome, it won't change anything to me. Keychain will still be a member, I'll still find her a nice person, people wasting money on game gifts are stupid and tSR will still be a shitstorm fermenting place as long as people make big deal about small things as this.
also I think this is the most prudent thing to do.

go take a chill pill, everyone.
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okay what the fuck is this
deleting everything that isn't relevant and reopening the thread for keychain
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All right, like I said, I'm not explaining this 100% because I'm fed up with doing so. I wanted all of this put behind me so I can move on to other things in my life. But I do think you guys deserve a small explanation rather than none at all, so here we go.

I met W0rf0x over 3 years ago on the Obsidian Conflict forums. (Obsidian Conflict is a cooperative mod for Half-Life 2.) A little while after I stopped affiliating myself with Pixeltendo I think. I can't remember for sure but it was probably after the whole Failtrain gimmick with Tyvon, Bryan, Viper, etc, all those guys. At first I saw him as someone to envy, someone to look up on, since he was indeed the leader of the entire mod. Something that alone was big, and had a lot of players for it. He was basically an internet celebrity in my eyes at the time. We began to talk after asking him for mapping tips.

As time flew on by, we started to get to know each other a lot more. Before you knew it, we were pretty much dating. (I know not everyone finds internet dating to be normal, but oh well.) It was a completely natural occurrence, I didn't talk him into it by shoving my gender in his face or anything stupid like that. Heck, he said he had a crush on me before we even started talking over chats (we had spoken a few times on the forums, but that was it.) It was 100% natural, there were no strings attached, there was no force. It was your typical internet love, it might not be real to some, but to the two people who are involved, it is as real as love needs to be in order to feel it.

But then some stuff started to happen, things that affiliated me with being a man and not a woman. I gave him my reasons and excuses, he believed them all. This happened several times throughout the past 3 years. The fact he lasted this long still even shocks me to this day. Until one day he just snapped, went all-out and tried to reveal me infront of the entire Obsidian Conflict community. He made the thread, posted a bunch of evidence all in one go (nothing that was technically conclusive nor solid, however.) He said the only way to redeem myself was to give him proof. Trust me, if I was able to give him that 100% rock solid proof, I would've done it years ago when he first asked. But I simply cannot until I get out of school. I have a very protective father, who threatened to call the police on an internet friend who sent me some stuff in the mail (I tried to cover it by saying I won a contest, but he found the receipt in the garbage and found out for sure that it was from a specific person across the country.) The last thing I wanted was for him to find out about W0rf0x, because if my dad found out I was dating a 22 year old man over the internet who was from another country, I probably would've seen the end of my computer days right there.

So in an attempt to do SOMETHING, I tried other indirect methods to prove myself. I called his aunt, who resides in the US as well as I. I told her things like, "I love Norman, I don't want him to accuse me for something I'm not." I also set my voicemail so that I directed myself as Erin, with a girly voice and whatnot. The last thing I did was take a picture in a specific situation that he had requested, which was me right after getting out of bed with my hair messy and shit. I did this, I sent it to him the very next morning. After that, he was fulfilled, and we went back to living out lives normally again.

Also, while all of this was going on, W0rf0x was pursuing another internet girl whom he had met in an actual Obsidian Conflict in-game server. He added her for the soul fact she was a girl, and that he 'wanted to get to know her better.' This is a clear sign of desperation, and also proves the fact that what me and Fox had was completely real. At least, compared to his and that girl's relationship. Whom they only got together because Fox wanted it. They had been considering each other for several weeks before Fox had even made the first thread about me.

He broke up with her after my proof though. I asked him to block all contact with her because their reasoning for meeting is under negative circumstances, I did not trust him for a long time after that situation had taken place.

I rather wait until I'm out of school, so I can do my business, so I can give certain people the proof they need. That's all I want, is time. All I want was to delay all of this negativity Fox was throwing at me until I got out of school so I could finally give him what he wanted, and that was proof. Being out of school + being 18 means I could move away, and my dad wouldn't be able to control what I do no longer. I'm still currently in the process of saving up money so I can buy a nice microphone.

That Facebook page, I can't explain. If I say it's a fake, people will throw shit at me over it. Despite that being my only explanation. I have FAR more pictures on my profile than that person does. That profile is in a relationship with a guy named Victor, whom I had told Fox about not long after we met. Fox knew about Victor's existence for years, and when he saw that Facebook page being in a relationship with him, he ate it right up and blocked me from his life. He banned me from the Obsidian Conflict forums after I told him that I'm unable to give him proof right now, and that I wanted him to wait. He said he was sick of waiting, and things just died out from there. He shoved his evidence in all of my friends' faces, including the Skypecall we were both affiliated with. He got himself kicked from the call because no one in the call cares about me for my gender, but for me. It was obvious Fox wanted nothing but to get everyone to hate me over it, because he hates me over it.

There's this guy on Steam who's had me and Fox's back for a good 2 years into the relationship. He supported us every bit of the way. He saw us equally, and never put either of us over the other. He gave us BOTH a lot of games, and spent a lot of time and money on us. He's truly one of the greatest friend any person could ask for, he was so caring and so kind. After Fox got his evidence, he showed it to him, in an attempt to get him to turn against me. Our friend said "I need more than a Facebook page than to get me to turn on a friend." Fox removed him from his list, shortly after. This only proves that Fox probably doesn't even believe his own evidence anymore, and that he just doesn't want to dig out of a hole he's already dug himself deep into. He's tried his hardest to get everyone I know and love to hate me, and failed miserably. While talking to these people, Fox always said "Key is trying to make himself look like the victim, and making me look like the bad guy." When this has never happened, I have never told anyone "you should hate Fox now" or "you should remove Fox from your friend's list." That's not me, I'm better than that. However, Fox started to make himself look like a badguy the instant he started threatening and removing people who didn't want to hate me over the situation.

I got unbanned on the forums because a good friend of mine, who is affiliated with the OC's development team, has my back as a friend, and thought the ban was completely unjust. Because silly drama has nothing to do with a publicly accessible forum. In a week-long argument against Fox, about the rights and wrongs, my friend won. And got me unbanned. Truly, one doesn't earn such great friends just through being a girl. It takes a good person to get such good caring friends. I never thought of myself to be all that great of a person. But some people, such as Gors, have showed me nothing but respect over the years. And make me feel like someone who matters because of who they are, not what they are.

One more fact: There's this one guy called "Gary" who's been on the Obsidian Conflict forums even longer than I have, probably around the same time Fox has. Very mature, always considers both sides of the stories in any predicament, whom I was very mean to back in the day. (Everyone here probably knows I was a complete asshole a few years back, seriously.) I called him things such as a moralfag for being such a protective person over confused newbie members and such. Yet, when Gary saw the predicament, he tried to personally ask W0rf0x about my bans, and the reasoning behind my bans. W0rf0x threatened to ban Gary if he tried to get involved. Someone who was involved in the community for so long, to be simply banned over something as relationship drama?

That's all I have to say. I think I've made my point more than clear, whether you decide to believe my stories or not doesn't bother me. All I know, my gender does not give Fox any right for most of his actions. I could go on, and write much more. But despite how long this message is, it's pretty much a summary of the whole thing.

I would like to take this moment to apologize to a few TsR/Pixeltendo members, first Zeemort/Gillian. We've argued over petty shit so much in the past, we never really had a good history. We've never really seen eye-to-eye, and I for one would like to say I'm sorry for it. I don't like to have enemies, I don't like people having bad impressions of me. I am a much more mature and understanding person than I was back in the old Pixeltendo days.

Secondly, Vipershark, sorry for throwing so much shit at you over the years. You're a cool guy, always have been. I just found it amusing to pick on you from time-to-time.

I'm not answering anymore questions on the matter. I want to move on. Please understand, I've never used nor scam anyone for games. I've gifted a fair share of games in my time, just because I have a lot of games on Steam does NOT mean I used people for it. That is not me, and it will never be me.

Thank you, TsR. This community helped make me what I am today, so you'll always have my gratitude.
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Just chiming in to say that I've read this, and accept the information provided. But I think that's it's good to let people see the points to the story.

The points made prior regarding "it's nobodies business" is fair, but I always believe that identity theft is an incredibly low, and incredibly strong thing to do. Thus, when it comes to terms, I believe members of the forum should know.
If any of your are old enough on this board to remember, there was in fact a member who did have a sex change whom I supported all the way. They lied about their gender because they seriously considered themselves as such.
The case here as I saw it and many others, is not this case.

But you have with you the evidence on both sides.

Keychain, I hope you don't consider this me "calling you out" and I also hope that you understand the situation that has come here for me to take an action on.
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reopened the thread for Keychain as she told me to do.

any post not belonging to her will be deleted to prevent crap flying from all sides.
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didnt she already post her explanation tho
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(10-24-2011, 04:40 PM)Dazz Wrote: I supported all the way. They lied about their gender because they seriously considered themselves as such.

they weren't lying.
gender is a matter of self-identity.
this is not hard to grasp and it's come up multiple times in these discussions
you can't say you support them if you still use language that paints trans* individuals as categorical liars
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What's the point in even having this open.

Like Gary said she already explained her point and at this point there isn't really anything else that will come out of this. I'm honestly surprised that TSR is still going on about the subject to be very honest.
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I would like to say it's not tSR as a whole but just Dazz himself.
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Despite what Gors said, still going to say this: none of this should matter. I literally don't know why you are going out of your way to single out a single member of the forum, regardless of any circumstances. Despite reading every post in this topic, I don't know why this topic exists; I know that I haven't really been paying attention to forum affairs, but nothing really blatant stood out to me as to why this topic should have been created (forgive me for being ignorant if there is).

Whether or not that Keychain had scammed anyone or lied about anything, I don't think that it would have ever been big enough of a problem to have to post a topic about it and force her to speak publicly to the entire forum. Even if it had seemed to affect multiple people, you should have still resolved it in private instead of turning it into a public affair.
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