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Who is Keychain? - Dazz - 10-24-2011

I'm not one to point things out that will damage the reputation of a member when I don't see it as having some direct effect on others. By this, I mean that I won't bring personal matters into a thread to make somebody look bad.
As you can agree, I'm not one to blow a horn because I have a vendetta, and I like the member in question here. I've had a few conversations with them and they seem like a nice person, which is why this has bugged me.

Three facebook account are posted here. Look at them and then read on.

Keychain, A.K.A. Erin Yrle;

Bianca Perdomo

Aaron Fernandez

(You will need a facebook account in order to view any information.)

Keychain's account has little information regarding a social life, or a link to friends off of the internet. Which would be fine, if the second account in question wasn't evident. Bianca has a number of friends from her social life, a posted boyfriend, and family. Including the other account - Aaron Fernandez. Both Keychain and Bianca have the same photos in places, and it is quite blatant that they are the same person.

Sometime ago, a member called w0rf0x made a mention of this situation, and included the name Aaron Fernandez. As you all felt it right to defend your friend, you called him an asshole, and disrespectful about some crap regarding being a transexual or something... I didn't really understand the point to that.

This here is something I've found through some incredibly simple work regarding account ID numbers stored in image files. Since Keychain has posted pictures in several places, including her own blog where they backed up some pictures, the ID numbers were kept in place. They link to Bianca's account, and a friend linked to Bianca.

The only connection I can't put together, is why such a person would pretend to be a girl. Neverminding that, their sister - and of course, none of us will disagree that the person in question is an attractive young woman - but the concern on top there is that a member of this girl's own family is pretending to be them... And has a Steam account, with 281 games at the time of writing.

I don't want to be pointed out as a bad guy. This is simply me giving out information that people can do with as they please.
Make of it what you will, but don't make me out to be a bad guy because I felt like bringing to light a matter that concerned me and the members of the forum I run.

edit: I'd also like to mention I respect the choice of sexuality and what people choose to do on the internet, and who they will be as a person. I have nothing against that. I have a massive problem with fraud.

RE: Who is Keychain? - Alpha Six - 10-24-2011

Was talking to Dazz about this personally earlier. This entire situation has been fishy since the original thread, and the Facebook accounts as evidence practically proves the previous thread as correct. I think everyone deserves to know, as well. Creating a false identity is one thing but potentially scamming people for free video games for years is another.

RE: Who is Keychain? - Maxpphire - 10-24-2011

Honestly, Regardless on whether she is Transgender or trying to get video games off of others, I think you should have asked her about this in private rather then dragging it around in public. It does seem fishy but allowing members to spew whatever thought they might have about this matter is not a good idea.

RE: Who is Keychain? - Maxpphire - 10-24-2011

You know what, fuck it, double posting like a champ.

Locking the thread to prevent the shitstorm that I know is going to follow.

Sorry Dazz, you're good with running your site, but I can just see things turning from bad to worse if I leave this open. It's going to divide the whole forum into people who think she is trans verses people who think she is scamming people and will probably cause worse things then the whole Sexism Debate Of Summer 2011, which you know, we are kinda understaffed as it is, lets not let things get worse.

RE: Who is Keychain? - Dazz - 10-24-2011

If you make a decision like that without consulting me again, there will be consequences. Undermining the guy who runs a forum is not a decision I think you should make lightly, Kat.
You're a great admin. Don't let your shoes become too big for your feet here.

I've decided to keep this open for discussion. Any discussion made here will be accepted - but sexist and prejudice will not.

This is not a thread to invoke a hatewar against a member, this is a thread to discuss with the member in question their actions.

RE: Who is Keychain? - Alpha Six - 10-24-2011

Kat, did you actually read the first post and the attached Facebook profiles?

I'm just wondering, because at this point it has practically nothing to do with transgender, unless said otherwise.

I, much like many others on this forum, am perfectly openminded and accepting to transgender. This is much different now.

RE: Who is Keychain? - Gors - 10-24-2011

I don't usually post in these 'serious-toned' threads because I fear of making a mistake and causing trouble to everyone.

But we, as a community, have the rights to know about the members it is made up of, even if a little. That is the whole point of hanging around with people in the first place, imo.

RE: Who is Keychain? - Maxpphire - 10-24-2011

I did, and basically neither did the w0rf0x thread. It isn't that I don't side with you, I do think that something really fishy is going on and have thought so since I noticed the image change from PT to tSR, but really all we have is speculation.

Sure it is really interesting how someone is stealing Bianca's images and how that person now has a vast amount of steam games that people have bought for said person that she had even admitted to her boyfriend. We really don't have proof that set in stone that Keychain is scamming others for video games, it sure seem obvious that this is happening, but to others, they might not see her as someone committing fraud.

The reason why I wanted this locked in the firstplace was not so that way people can't see it, but to prevent it from turning into a raging argument. Whether the argument is about her being trans or not, or about something else entirely, I can see this thread turning into one.

As I've said to Dazz, I like to prevent things before they get out of control, however I should indeed know my place. If this starts to get out of control, I will place warns and do what is in my power to keep this civilized.

RE: Who is Keychain? - Gors - 10-24-2011

I am okay with this; I understand both sides of the argument.

I am simply boggled on why such confusion is happening here. I, for one, want to know who am I dealing with. It doesn't matter if Keychain turns out to be a girl/boy or whatever; that won't change my views about her, as she is, afaik, a nice person.

RE: Who is Keychain? - PatientZero - 10-24-2011

I'm hoping maybe someone can enlighten me here, but I don't really see how this is an issue.

Don't get me wrong, yeah, pretending to be someone else and apparently scamming people into buying you stuff (I'd like to see more evidence for that) is Not Cool, but I don't think it exactly justifies a witch hunt, I've certainly never been dumb enough to buy things for someone just because they're a pretty girl on the internet.
(I have bought things for female friends though, and if it turned out they were male I'd mostly be bothered that they weren't honest with me, but I didn't buy them things based on what's in their pants.)
Part of me almost thinks it's almost a good way of teaching people not to be so damn childish, it's a very low price to pay to learn that things on the internet aren't always what they seem.

Either way it strikes me as a non-issue really, the only possible outcome is to create drama and possibly ostracize someone.
Maybe you'll somehow prevent someone from being stupid enough to throw their money around trying to impress a grrlgamer, but honestly people like that deserve to get a nasty reality shock anyway.

RE: Who is Keychain? - Keychain - 10-24-2011

Uhm, I'm not scamming anyone for video games. I've given W0rf0x just as many games as he has me, if not more.

[Image: Tyh8j.png]

(take note of the scrollbar + all the other games I've gifted to my friends)

I avoided posting in these forums anymore in order to avoid getting that drama involved here, and it's been a while since my last post. You are extremely late to the party and you're bringing this shit here for no good reason. I neither deny nor admit to this 'evidence' used against me (W0rf0x posted this same exact stuff before on another forum, you're posting it as if you're original and were the first to find it or something?)

No matter what gender you think I am, I haven't done anything to deserve this. I haven't abused my position as ~a girl~ to get any type of advantage over anyone.


RE: Who is Keychain? - Keychain - 10-24-2011

Dazz insists I explain the situation further, however I am currently on a school Mac and I don't intend to do it here. Nor do I intend to explain it thoroughly 100%, because I'm sick and tired of it. I've explained this to so many people, so many times. It's tiresome, stressful, and depressing.

However, I'll give a few more details for the sake of it once I get home at 3PM GMT-6.

Thank you for your patience and once again, I'm sorry you guys got involved. It's everything of what I've been trying to avoid.

RE: Who is Keychain? - Gors - 10-24-2011

May I close this at the meantime? Keychain can PM me later to reopen this thread (or she can make another, idk) so this doesn't get turned into a shitstorm or anything.

RE: Who is Keychain? - Dazz - 10-24-2011

I'll close it now. As Gors said, just message me or pm him, or whatever.

RE: Who is Keychain? - Gors - 10-24-2011