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One guy's opinion
I am going to start this thread by making a point that I am, in general, a good person. But as you all are about to see, I can also be a complete and total bastard when I feel like doing so.

In looking around on here, I can see that Tachikoma is somewhat of a sexist bitch. There appears to be somewhat of a monstrous, fire breathing demon covered in venomous thorns and claws coated in battery acid lodged deep up her twat that would cause a great deal of discomfort and hence be the root of her intolerably bitchy nature. However, even such a creature does not possess enough patience to suffer such a person for very long.

Now before anyone goes into saying that "bitch" is a derogatory sexist slur, I am going to point out that is, in fact, not. It is actually used quite often to insult men as well. However, derogatory sexist slurs would include "slut", "whore", "tramp", and "cunt".

Also, before anyone accuses me of being sexist against women, I will point out that my religion is matriarchal, not patriarchal. If I were sexist against women, I would not be able to follow such a religion. And I am, indeed, very religious.

I simply can't stand anyone who uses something such as belonging to a certain group of people in an argument with absolutely no relevance to what the argument concerns. This includes, but is not limited to, people who pull the gender, racial, religious, or age discrimination cards as a completely irrelevant point in an argument. More often than not, the reason someone disagrees another person, or even dislikes another person, is for who the person chooses to be.

I'm not saying that racism, sexism, or other similar discrimination does not exist. It does. But that does not make accusations of such discrimination a viable fallback when someone opposes one's views.

I know I am not the only one who utterly despises people who utilize said fallbacks. This being said, it would be quite fantastic if Tachikoma and her little forum cult would actually think of other ways to partake in a battle of wits. Assuming of course, that these people are properly armed for such a war.

I have said my piece, and will now conclude my rant. Blessed be, everyone.
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This entire post is awful and offensive for reasons that have been explained in other threads so many times over it's making my eyes bleed.

Fuck off; I and everyone else is tired of hearing this bigoted shit.
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