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Mag's Perfect Chaos
The background and color choices are nice, but the anatomy of Mista Green is very bad. Neither sword have handles either.
[Image: b6Bqjzn.gif]
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I think you should stop putting so much detail into your sprites until you can fix your proportions, but that might just be me. I can only recommend sketching out the sprite first then posting that and get the crit you need on the whole subject of proportions.
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I noticed something about the knights in that screencap.

[Image: 5B6z0.jpg]
The shoulders are at weird angles, and not just cuz that sword is ridiculously huge, but it actually looks dislocated. He's also leaning forward in a funny way and his legs wouldn't be that close together with a sword that big. If it's a non-combat pose, I'd think he'd keep the sword down or something, or maybe across his back or in some kind of holster.

[Image: jlFLm.jpg]
This guy's heel looks like it's going behind the other one. Only reason I can think he'd be standing like that is he needs to pee and can't get his suit off. XD Sorry, but that's how it looks to me.

I could be wrong about the guy's shoulder; that sword is blocking a good bit of it. Still looks odd.
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[Image: perfect_chaos_by_alaingalvan-d7olxtm.gif]

Remember this guy? Well I was still working on it, but really slowly. See, I listen to people's CC, adjusted the lighting and colors, changed the details on stuff like the teeth, a whole mess of stuff since the last time it was here.

The Dark Sauce concept screenshot is on hatius as I work on all the CC everyone's been giving me. Don't think I've ever had this much CC! xD

It got a front page on Newgrounds though, so that's nice. Big Grin
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