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How long does it take you to sprite?
I'm curious to see how long it takes for people to do pixel art on here.

I usually take about 15 minutes to make a still pose of a character.
I usually take around an hour to an hour and a half to make an animation.
I usually take a whole night to make a full tileset for a level.
If it's a large piece like a background that's very detailed I usually take a whole night to get it done.

How about you guys?
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It varies as to whether or not I'm using my usual style or if I'm trying something new.

It probably takes me about an hour or two to finalize a style, but then after that it's about 20-30 minutes per still image. Larger sprites take about an hour per image.

I'm shit at backgrounds, so it can take me days to get those finished-- tiling or not. :I
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It took me a full week of on-and-off tweaking to do each of those submissions for TUGS.

I'm bad at this. But at least the effort I put in shows in the end (I hope).
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10-30 minutes for a base sprite
45min-1hour for an animation
5hours -3days for a tileset (Depends on how large they are)

Thats just if I enjoy what I'm working with. If it's a style I don't know or I don't care for, double that at least.
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(03-02-2011, 12:05 PM)Chaoxys Wrote: 10-30 minutes for a base sprite
45min-1hour for an animation
5hours -3days for a tileset (Depends on how large they are)

Thats just if I enjoy what I'm working with. If it's a style I don't know or I don't care for, double that at least.

Just about the same. Except I don't believe I've ever tried to make a background because I'm so afraid to try it haha
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Usually five or so minutes making a rough outline, then fifteen making it smooth, shading it, colouring it, texturing it, etc.
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too long for my liking, I was I wasn't so critical of my work
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For characters, It doesn't take me too long to make a base, since I usually have my mind set on what I want to do. What really takes me time is a palette, and the detail. Those two things could average from 30-45 minutes for me. Right now I want to try and experiment with art styles and see what I can pull off, so that can leave me open to C&C rather then anything else since I want ways to improve.

I've yet to try out tilesets of any sort.
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i've spent days working nonstop on stuff i feel an urge to do, while i could spend around an hour or way less when i'm not that motivated. lately, it varies on the motivation i have to do something. i doubt there something like a fixed amount of time i normally spend on something i want to do. though if a time limit exist, i'd try to finish it as quickly as posible.
it usually takes around an hour for the first sprite, then depending on the animation, anywhere from a half-hour to three hours.
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I'm a slow-ass spriter.

It could take me several hours to get a style down, and whether I'm digging the style or not results in how fast I can churn sprites out.

For sprites that I particularly like (such as that Travis sheet I did), I can probably do each frame in 20 minutes. For sprites that I find is a chore to work with (like that commission I got), it takes me up to two hours per frame, going on and off and depending on how well my motivation's driving me.

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less than five minutes for getting shading/outline/etc, then several hours of refining/correcting.
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Takes me forever to do any of it. Especially animations and poses, I never feel content with my animations and I keep going back.
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I'm magically inexperienced so even though I can see mistakes I can't fix them without hours of experimentation and fiddling

(you should see my mega man x progress and constant do-overs, I have all copies saved and it's gotten even bigger since my last update so...!!)

If it's easy, I can do it a few hours. If It's not something I'm used to or if I don't plan it out right like I'm supposed to then it
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It takes forever for me, because every time I open up to work, I get nervous and quit.
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