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How long does it take you to sprite?
(03-02-2011, 10:47 PM)StarSock64 Wrote: I'm magically inexperienced so even though I can see mistakes I can't fix them without hours of experimentation and fiddling

i'll just quote this

not to mention that since I haven't actually finished a sprite, i'll just say forever and leave it at that
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Last time I tried a background (years ago), it took about 3-4 hours to make. Regular sprites will take hours to days, depending on how committed I am.
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A background of 550x400 pixels takes me around 6-8 hours
A SMK edit takes me around 2-3 hours, custom takes 4+ hours.
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(03-03-2011, 11:33 AM)Dark shy guy Wrote: if it is a easy sprite it will take...

1.) Stop acting stupid, look for the help forum.
3.)What does that have to do with anything?


Base sprite: 10-30 mins
Animations: 40-50 mins (or 1hr if perfecting/fixing.)
Backgrounds: 20 mins for line-art/base. A full night for perfections/fixes.
But as Metaru said, it really depends on motivation, place, and schedule.
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(03-03-2011, 11:33 AM)Dark shy guy Wrote: if it is a easy sprite it will take...

Stop posting this shit everywhere. How about trying to be a big boy and actually reading the sticked threads and rules, instead of just posting randomly; like a monkey throwing shit at a wall, and hoping it sticks.

Let me give you a big hint; if only so it will stop you from making inane, useless posts.
We have a subboard dedicated to uploading sprites to tSR:

It has its own rules and regulations for accepting content. You won't bother checking what these rules are, but I implore you to do so. It'll be beneficial to you in the long run.
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For a basic sprite of say an OC, it should take me about three hours to get it to a point where I'm satisfied. For tile sets and such, only half that amount of time.
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I'm actually quite surprised by some of the answers I got on here.

I wonder what the rate is for more experienced spriters like bab and a couple of the people over at pixelation/pixeljoint.
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Honestly, it takes me 3-24 hrs for a single sprite, though it feels like more do to being distracted and all, not that any one cares about my spriting speed.

Just mentioned it to stay on topic before asking a few related questions, has anyone seemed to go slower as they became better at any point in time? And are these mentioned times with stuff your not quite familiar with/ or just un evaluated, and may be flawed?

I mean I could scratch out something acceptible to places that aren't TSR level pretty quickly, but I could easily see they are still flawed pieces and need correcting. Which sometimes makes it exponentially longer, especially if theres content that I'm not so good at.
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It takes me regularly an hour to finish up the first sprite in a new style. But it takes extremely long to finish make the palette for me since I'm not really good with colors. Animations tend to take hours to a day because I usually ask for a lot of feedback for my work, and just waiting for good feedback and correcting the smallest of pixels takes a lot of time in between.
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For a single sprite: Anywhere between 10 minutes and 4 hours.
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My latest thing took about an hour.

But usually only the first frame takes that long. After that, I can usually finish each frame in about 30 minutes (provided I don't get distracted).
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