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TSR PokeDex Project
That's right we're making our own PokeDex! Using our own original Pokemon and nothing else! The difference from this project from most others is that it will require mostly imagining than spriting.

Of course there are strict rules that must be done with going about this.

-We need a limit of Pokemon first off. Our best bet is 151 like the first generation, I think that's agreeable.

-I also think the best way to go about this is to follow in B&W steps and make completely new Pokemon that are unrelated to the previous generations in order to allow more creative freedom.

-We need to remember Pokemon archetypes. What will be our Pidgey? Or our Legendary Trio?

-That leads to another topic, Legendaries. How many will there be?

-Make sure types make sense.

-Don't worry about names right now.

-Other rules will be added as we go along.

Another thing we must remember is the process of making a Pokemon. In order to keep things organized and civil I propose we follow this Step By Step process of creating a Pokemon.

Before we decide on anything we need a basic idea for a Pokemon. What animal is it? What type? Note that this doesn't pertain to what the Pokemon looks like, just the general idea. If the group agrees that it sounds good, then move on to the next step.

Next members will draw rough sketches on what the Pokemon should look like. Note that this is like pitching visual ideas. Multiple people are allowed to draw up or add and change things that other people have done. Once we have gathered all of our visual ideas we can move to our next step.

We take all the concept arts and make a final design based off of the best things we've seen. This is the job for a really good artist.

The end of the line for each Pokemon. We make a sprite based on the final art. We will use the most recent sprite style. No need for a back sprite.



The New Rodent

The New Bird
Blue Jay

The New Worm 2

The New Pikachu
Kangaroo Rat

The New Cat

The New Dog

The New Snake
Sharp Nose Viper
Horned Viper

Legendary Trio
Rock Paper Scissors

The Others
Fairy Armadillo
Komodo Dragon
Camouflage Caterpillar
Hot Spring
Flower Mantis
Solar Cell
Pill Bug


Fire Starter = Ram
First Stage
First Stage/ Second Stage/ Third Stage
Water Starter = Desman
First Stage
Second Stage

Worm 1 = Mosquito
First Stage
The New Rock = Gem Encrusted Rock
First Stage
Bombardier Beetle
Coin Purse
Sea Anemone
Flamingo Male/ Flamingo Female
Grave Skeleton
Candy/ Jaw Breaker/ Cotton Candy
Pistol Shrimp/ Vent Crab
Humming Bird
Pill Bug


Grass Starter = Frilled Lizard
First Stage
Second Stage
Third Stage

Fossil = Ichthyosaurus
First Stage
Fossil = Spinosaurus
First Stage
Second Stage

First Stage?

[Image: frilled1.png]

As for the new Ratatta.. how about a Capybara? Pure Normal all the way.

Here's an idea for the first evolution.

[Image: ouxf93.png]
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Well before we post drawings we have to agree with an animal. It wouldn't be fair for someone to completely design a Pokemon only to have it rejected later.

I'll put Capybara on the table. if everyone seems to like the idea of having a Capybara then we'll move on to the visuals.

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Oh... I apologize. Didn't read the OP properly.

Er, I petition for a capybara for the Rattata-esque line. Anyone for?
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Hm. I was hoping this would attract more attention. C'mon guys this will be a lot of fun!

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I second the capybara

Also if this gets off the ground I'll be glad to make this a rom hack
[Image: 803ce84258.gif]
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More suggestions, then?

Grass Starter: Bison?
Fire Starter: Aardvark?
Water Starter: Manatee?
The New Pidgey: Kiwi?
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One thing you might want to take into consideration for the starters is the supposed trends between generations. Though I don't think this is TOTALLY necessary, you might want to consider it to make it feel more genuine:

Grass starters have all been reptiles. (A dinosaur, another dinosaur, a lizard, a turtle, a snake)
Fire starters have all been part of the Chinese Zodiac. (A dragon, a rat, a rooster, a monkey, a pig)
Water starters have all been water-based animals. (A turtle, an alligator, a... mudkip?, a penguin, an otter)

Anyway, I like the rattata idea that's currently on the table. I'll actually make suggestions later.
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Maybe a tiger for the fire starter?

I'll put a rough sketch or something after I finish setting up this scanner
[Image: 803ce84258.gif]
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Fire Starter - I agree with Tiger
Grass Starter - Gecko, Triceratops or Pterodactyl (Grass/Flying anyone?)
Water - Beefed up Isopod or a dolphin.

Pidgey - A woodpecker evolutionary line
Caterpie - a mosquito evolutionary line
Weedle - a flea evolutionary line
Pikachu (Non-Evo, like Plusle/Minun, the squirrel and the flying squirrel) - An adorable electric porcupine
Pikachu (Evo, like Shinx line and Electric Zebra) - Electric Panda, Kangaroo or Badger

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what i'd like to see is a reverse type cycle.

like the fire type can be fire/electric to fend off water (would work with r9/TG's tiger, maybe have thunderbolt stripes)
water could be water/bug to fend off grass (would work with TG's isopod)
and grass could be grass/rock to fend off fire (would work with TG's triceratops)
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Yes I think its very important for me to say this now. You can't just randomly pick an animal and assign it a type. Believe it or not all Pokemon are have a reason for their type! Most Pokemon are based on myths and legends like the Basan, a fire breathing chicken.

So don't come up with an animal and assign it a type. Make sure you have a reason to give it that type.

Also I love those dual types Sengir but make sure it makes sense.

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I made a Pokemon based off of this little fellow

[Image: armadillopokemon.png]
Yeeeeeaaaaah, it doesn't look very creative...
I was thinking Ground or Normal type Pink Fairy Armadillo who evolves into a bigger Armadillo.

Just showing my idea if you guys don't mind...
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No that's okay. Just remember that when you submit concept art people are allowed to modify your design if they want. The end result should give us something that looks really awesome.

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Maybe give it those white, puffy, curly wings for ears, to represent the whole "fairy" bit?
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