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Why has TSR apparently 'turned to shit?'
Really? What a sad individual.
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Quote:Nick's an old member, from PT. He only posts here just to be a dick these days, and will make alts if we ban him. He's using a Proxy, so IP Banning doesn't work either. =|

I love how he says this place is shit, but he holds on to this place so much, we can't even make him go away. Dick Nick's a real handful, ain't he ?
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When you haven't been to TSR for quite a while, you don't seem to notice any difference.
That's how I feel. ... 'cept when PT became TSR.
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(09-07-2010, 05:14 AM)chausheh Wrote: you are. it sucks because she was the only one who really posted in it

compared to most people anyways.

I won't miss her that much even if she made about 12 good topics out of 100 shitty topics, not like anyone tried to care.
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K. I think this topic is ready to go.
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