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Submission Guidelines
tTR Submission Guidelines

.PNG files with and without (alpha) transparency
.ZIP and .RAR archives smaller than 30 MB

Not allowed:
• .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .TGA et cetera.
• .ZIP and .RAR archives bigger than 30 MB.

If your file is larger, please split it into smaller parts.

Additional help:

Image hosting sites:
- http://www.photobucket.com
- http://www.imageshack.us
- http://tinypic.com
- http://imgur.com
- http://minus.com
- https://dropbox.com

File hosting sites:
- http://www.mediafire.com
- http://fileupyours.com
- http://host-a.net
- http://www.ziddu.com
- https://dropbox.com

Ripping programs/tools:
- Program list

Free graphic programs:
- http://www.paint.net/
- http://www.gimp.org/
- http://wistinga.online.fr/opencanvas/
- http://mypaint.intilinux.com/

Game/sheet icon:
- Templates thread
[Image: ttrtemplate.png]

Q&A (Questions and Answers)

- Why I can't submit .x format?
The .png files (Portable Network Graphics) got a compression ratio similar to the .jpg without the quality loss and allows transparency (both full and gradient). As the .rar and .zip formats are the most common compressed data format
On a case to case basis:
.bmp - the computer's default image format since immemorial times (ok, not that long, but ever since DOS). The images are usually big and uncompressed
.gif - unless you're animating something, this format isn't that useful. It got a 256 colors limit (255 if you want to do transparency)
.jpg - this format is useful if you want small files and you don't mind quality loss. Not our case, really. Avoid it
.tga - it's a common format in the industry, but only professionals use it. Albeit the image has no quality loss the files can be big (not big as the .bmp, but still big)
.arj, .cab, .7z, etc - they are all compressed files formats and most people can't read them. So please submit your compressed files in .zip or .rar

- But my compressed file is 30MB! Can't I submit it?
Yes, you can. Just split the images into smaller files and compress it. For various reasons but if you insist I can give you one technical answer: for some reason I have trouble uploading files bigger than 15MB. So if I can't upload to the server, it can't be on the site so you can't submit :p

- Can I use forum attachments?
...Yes, you can, but I really don't recommend it. People usually don't like downloading from it so please avoid it unless you absolutely have no other choice (like someone got a gun pointing to your head or something)

- Can you teach me how to use x program/tool?
You're welcome to ask any ripping-related question at Ripping Questions thread. Unfortunately we don't have a Texture Discussion forum, but I guess the Textures Projects forum might serve this purpose too.

- When my stuff is going to be uploaed?
Every updater on the tSR family have their own habits, but we usually update once a week. I myself tend to update on Wednesdays or Thursdays during the evening (at least in my own timezone). I also like to wait to get over 50 textures, so I might hold a little if we don't have reached this quota.

[2013-03-04: Slightly updated this (15 MB to 30 MB) ~ Previous]
[Image: MegaEXESig.png]
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Hey, should we submit normal maps too?
[Image: yorksig.png]
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What do you mean with "normal maps"?
[Image: MegaEXESig.png]
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(06-18-2010, 12:42 PM)Ultimecia Wrote: What do you mean with "normal maps"?

These things: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normal_mapping

They look kinda like this.
[Image: yorksig.png]
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Sure thing. Texture, transp/alpha maps, normal/bump mapping ;p
[Image: MegaEXESig.png]
Thanked by: Androu1
OK, cool. I will submit some texture packs soon.
[Image: yorksig.png]
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Updated with the link for the ripping programs thread, links to some free graphic editors and added the two last questions
[Image: MegaEXESig.png]
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OK, I have been wondering something and thought I would post it here as to no make a thread or something.

I've been able to rip Persona 3 Portable textures. But looking at them, I wonder if they would even be worth submitting. My reason for wondering this is that most of the textures (for main characters, for example) are 64x64. That is so small that I don't even know if it would be worth it and if anyone would want it. So I ask here, would anyone want it?
[Image: yorksig.png]
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You can put them together, like Yukari with all of her outfits (school, summer, winter, bikini and extra costumes) or the arcanas into one zip file divided by creature (one zip with all Death arcana personas each one with it's own sub-folder). The DS textures aren't big either, and I'm not even going to mention the N64 ones
[Image: MegaEXESig.png]
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I guess that would work, yeah. Will do it like that.

The good thing is that it's way easier to upload these over the huge Super Street Fighter 4 textures, lol.

In retrospect, I dunno why I thought noone would want them considering the site has N64 textures.
[Image: yorksig.png]
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I was trying to rip both P3P and P4 textures, so you're going to make me a very happy girl Cute (a girl who's waiting for your SF4 Ken rips *hint hint*)
As for the N64 textures I could notice various members are die-hard Nintendo fans so it's to be expected
[Image: MegaEXESig.png]
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(09-08-2010, 03:07 AM)Ultimecia Wrote: I was trying to rip both P3P and P4 textures, so you're going to make me a very happy girl Cute (a girl who's waiting for your SF4 Ken rips *hint hint*)

Yeah, I tried to rip P3FES and P4 textures a while ago too myself, but I didn't know how to open the package files (I think they were .pak, and Atlus used it on most of their PS2 games).

And LOL, maybe I will rip Ken next. Since I like him myself anyway.
[Image: yorksig.png]
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