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Poll: What do you think of this idea for a game? remembering that i only gave a very rough overview.
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I think it sounds interesting and would like to hear more details.
3 21.43%
I dont really care.
6 42.86%
Horrible, it sounds stupid.
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Spriters needer! Panda Extreme
(05-27-2010, 12:38 PM)iceman9827 Wrote: Money is a horrible subject that can only turn people against each other and so i want to make it go as smoothly as possible.


Every time someone wants to use other people for free, they MUST say something like "Money is evil!" to justify themselves getting something good in exchange of nothing.
Every. Single. Time.
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I am in no way attempting to start a fight, though i may say that you guys have been attempting to start one since this thread was created. im not exactly sure what it is i did to start everyone having such a negative attitude towards me but if you could tell me i would appreciate it because i have had no bad intentions and would like to not make that mistake again. i apologize for being rude in the last post but im getting slightly aggravated with the people posting on here offering no help just useless and rude comments. i came here in hopes of finding someone nice to replace my old art guy. i thought this was a place where great spriters would be found who might be able to help me out making a game.

also, maneko, i don't appreciate being taken out of context. if you had cared to read the post itself, i never said i was expecting anything for free. in fact i believe the first line in that post says the contrary.

will you guys just get off my back for christ sake, find something better to do.
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(05-27-2010, 03:00 PM)iceman9827 Wrote: though i may say that you guys have been attempting to start one since this thread was created
you can say it all you want, but it won't make your comment true
because absolutely no one has attempted to start an argument in here
at all

at all
(05-27-2010, 03:00 PM)iceman9827 Wrote: the people posting on here offering no help just useless and rude comments.
yeah, no


every post in here has been helpful in some way or another
Quote: i came here in hopes of finding someone nice to replace my old art guy.
you came in here and demanded that someone help you, re read this thread from our point of view and just look at how much of a douchebag you come off as

Quote:i thought this was a place where great spriters would be found who might be able to help me out making a game.
oh don't worry, tsr is full of talent, you had that right
but if you continue acting oblivious to the fact that the only person at fault in this thread is you, you'll eventually just become one of many who assume tsr is full of assholes because "we didn't help you" with your hilariously unrealistic request
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Well, if i have came off as a douche, then i'm really sorry, i never meant for that, i honestly didn't think i was demanding it. if i did, then i apologize. i haven't meant to do any of the things. so, im sorry. I have no doubt that the people here are great at what they do, thats why im asking for your guys help. the art person i had previously has just left me high and dry with nothing, and thats not a great place to be. i know its a large task asking someone to do the art for a game because its not easy, if it was i would do it, but its not and i cant. but i in no way expect this for free and even though that other person mocked the statement, i would easily give a percentage of the profit to the art person. i would love to pay the person upfront but i cant. so the best i can do is offer a percentage.

Like i said, sorry for seeming like a douche, i don't want any form of trouble. just help

and the start of the thread really wasn't supposed to seem demanding, i just wanted to show the desperation of the project and how i have nothing.
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To quote one of my favorite songs:
"You are standing here as true as you were born on this earth.
Don't pin all your hopes and your dreams on somebody else's lives."

If you try to make a game without having any spriting abiliy of your own, the entire project is doomed to fail right out the bat, because anything that entirely depends of other people's charity and/or mood swings was never meant to be in the first place.

Why don't you try to make the sprites by yourself instead? You have nothing to lose and people would be more willing to lend you a hand if they see you advancing the project on your own, rather than just sitting and waiting for someone to make "your" game for you.
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i mean, i have, the panda that you see is what i've been working on, but it just doesn't really look right to me. i feel like it needs something. and i have been working on the swords so far but again i feel as though they lack something and i can only chock that up to my lack of ability. i appreciate the advice and i understand what you mean. i should keep going working on my own, but for some of the more important stuff, such as box art and menus, i just cant pull together something that looks good enough. Being self reliant is good and needed but sometimes you have to ask for help and rely a little on others.

again i apologize for seeming like a douche to people, i don't like that and ill try not to be.
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a word of advice, again:

when we ask if payment is involved in these request is simply because we have seen so many "projects" arise and be full of initiative and guts from the one who starts it. and the idea sounds so interesting that eventually someone joins.

but 'initiative' and 'guts' doesnt fill lines of programming, nor draw project guidelines, nor deal with marketing, nor anything.


and it dies when everyone gets bored and no one cares about the initiative anymore. boom.

but when you offer money/payment, is because you're showing you're actually investing in a project and actually interested in getting it done, you have the resources to work, and overall you show a more serious image towards the people you're actually trying to hire. heck even if it wasnt for the moneym all you have said about your game is that is about a panda killing furries in 2d platforms. and somehow you'll believe its just a matter of getting the thing done and publish it on xbla and people will make you earn thousands of dollars.

i have personally worked on several dozen of projects that start in the same way. specially MMO's that start with someone having this huge idea and they're lacking the people to get it done. and of course you want it done so in this reality of getting it done and people buying it, you realise you'll make a considerable profit that allows you to pay others for they work.

but it has never worked that way. not its only a waste of someone else's time to work on stuff like that, specially when you could use that time on works that actually offer you a revenue for your work and not 'if x project is sucesfull'. you will then, as someone looking for a stable source of income, ignore stuff that doesnt represent hard earned cash at the end of the day. and it works like that for any work you'll ever take.

and even so, i've worked for free for people with the initiative to make a game and such and gave them graphcis and such for the sake of helping others develop their skills in programming and such because i know how much it sucks to have this great idea dn the skill to develop this game but you have two left hands and cant draw for shit.

all in all, good luck getting your game done for free. start from what you can do on your own,a nd maybe you'll hook more people in as soon as you actually show that progress is being made.
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i have a lot more details about the game than that, i just didn't feel like writing a whole plot synopsis because i didnt think people would read it. and yeah im am stuck in the position of being able to develop a game but cant draw. and to tell you the truth i would love to pay the artist upfront, i really would, however i cant. i have no expendable income in which to do such a thing. and please don't tell me that im thinking it will be the next big thing and make me rich, it wont. i'm not that naive to think that this will be the next big thing. i just need some help with art. i get that hardly anyone will buy it i just think making a game would be an awesome way to practice programming.
im doing this for fun and i just would like some help from some people who are very talented at what they do to help me make my game have a good look to.

and maybe i stated myself wrong in the beginning but im not looking for someone to do all of it. i just said i had none of it and any little thing that anyone could give me would be amazing. even if it was just tips or ways to do sprites, i know nothing about the art side of it. anything at all in anyway related to how i can get this done would be great. i guess maybe i should have opened with that, im sorry i didnt. i didnt mean to sound like i wanted it spoon fed, i just need directions and help, a template, anything because i don't want this project to end like all other scrapped projects cos im working my ass off on the code end, but that doesn't show much without art.
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i have the strange feeling that all my walls of text are literally public speechs.
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they kinda feel that way Smile

its appreciated though, just dont think im some naive kid
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Your walls of text are tiny, easy to digest scribbles compared with some real walls of text that I've seen which unlike yours, said nothing of value, Metaru Cifuentes.
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I'm renaming to Francisco Chavez. welp.
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