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Love Me Two (Character Refs inside!)
Guys creating a new thread will not help anything unless we fix the problems we currently have.

I mean, when I look at this thread, half of the posts of the last 10 pages are people saying a joke, MJ not getting it, people making of her for it (not really cool btw), and then discussions going off of that.

If we make a new thread now, this will probably continue, and totally defer to what this thread is like now.
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Yeah sure but on the other side a new love thread would call out for more love and stuff you know and then maybe even I would get off of my lazy butt and draw something
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No, I won't make the same mistakes in new thread. I'm changing and stuff (again). And besides I want a new thread so I can be on the list. Sad

Wasn't it also sort of "tradition" that you guys did it? Y'know, after so long we kinda start a new "generation", or something. That's how I see it, anyway.
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(05-31-2011, 07:39 AM)soulcaliburfan Wrote: [img]image[/img]
We can't go out wearing the same clothes though that's such a faux pas; now one of us is going to have to change.

... Heart
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scf: hahaha, old man cerebus
i get it
thanks, man!
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come on really
let's just make a new thread already
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Thinking of you, 
wherever you are.
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that reminds me
i made you love like three years ago and you didn't even acknowledge it you prick!
nah i'm kidding i still love you
you prick!
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okay thennn, closing this and creating a new thread
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