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Isekai Mario - The Ultimate Anime Crossover! - FINAL UPDATE

It's time to learn Japanese with the all new Super Nippon Roguelike scenario! Explore randomly generated dungeons, solve Japanese puzzles, and collect the treasures within!

Now available in the Isekai Mario v1.3 update!

  • 42 new character models. (Total: 9 Mario, 241 anime)
  • 10 new character voices.
  • New scenario added: Super Nippon Roguelike
  • 1 new main story level.
  • 1 new Isekai Trials level.
  • Isekai Trials hub redesign.
  • Added 6 new pictures and MyAnimeList descriptions to Isekaisekai.
  • Replaced one of the unlockable songs in Isekaisekai.
  • Added orange reset switches to Toadette's Sweets Gallery.
  • Added roadmap to the scenario select.
  • There are now 2 different summon banners per day.
  • Added a 10x summon option.
  • Character model optimizations.
  • Added NPC animations.
  • Added cloth and hair physics to character models.
  • Fixed character name: Ames → Ameth
  • Bug fixes.
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