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Full Version: Isekai Mario - The Ultimate Anime Crossover! - FINAL UPDATE
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Mario and anime come together as one in Isekai Mario, the ultimate anime crossover! Collect over a hundred power stars across multiple scenarios, customize your character's look and voice, summon for hundreds of new anime characters to play as, face off against a wide variety of enemies, interact with a variety of different items, and solve puzzles in this massive crossover of 3D Mario and anime!

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The version 1.1 update has been released at SAGE 2021!

  • 4 new main story levels.
  • 58 new character models.
  • 3 new character voices.
  • Molten Highlands painting moved to a later area.
  • New scenario added: Isekai Remix
  • Lowered the cost of summoning.
  • You can now opt for a random summon instead of today's summon.
  • Preview option added to character select.
  • Bug fixes.

Isekai Mario just got even more anime with the new Isekaisekai scenario! Play anime themed minigames and win lots of coins! The entirety of Super Crown Land was also added as a scenario! Replay this game with all your favorite anime characters!

  • 50 new character models.
  • 9 new character voices.
  • New scenario added: Isekaisekai
  • New scenario added: Super Crown Land
  • Isekai Trials is now locked until you reach level 10.
  • There is now a new event every month in the main story.
  • Event items now award xp.
  • Lowered the minimum cost of summoning.
  • Increased the summoning rate up to 66.7%.
  • Tuesday's Summon is now That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.
  • Replaced Toad's Trucking Company NPCs with Genshin Impact characters.
  • The percentage of models unlocked is now displayed.
  • PDF manual file removed. All its contents are now in game.
  • The manual page is now opened automatically while you are level 1.
  • Added the ability to zoom the camera.
  • Voices are now sorted by series.
  • Bug fixes.

It's time to learn Japanese with the all new Super Nippon Roguelike scenario! Explore randomly generated dungeons, solve Japanese puzzles, and collect the treasures within!

Now available in the Isekai Mario v1.3 update!

  • 42 new character models. (Total: 9 Mario, 241 anime)
  • 10 new character voices.
  • New scenario added: Super Nippon Roguelike
  • 1 new main story level.
  • 1 new Isekai Trials level.
  • Isekai Trials hub redesign.
  • Added 6 new pictures and MyAnimeList descriptions to Isekaisekai.
  • Replaced one of the unlockable songs in Isekaisekai.
  • Added orange reset switches to Toadette's Sweets Gallery.
  • Added roadmap to the scenario select.
  • There are now 2 different summon banners per day.
  • Added a 10x summon option.
  • Character model optimizations.
  • Added NPC animations.
  • Added cloth and hair physics to character models.
  • Fixed character name: Ames → Ameth
  • Bug fixes.

Isekai Mario is now available on Android! Take the ultimate anime crossover with you on the go just like any mobile gacha game!

It's time for an Isekai Mario x The Shroom Project crossover! Escape the horrors that await at an abandoned lab in Shroom Isekai, a brand new horror game themed scenario! There is also one other scenario included in this update. Get ready for Super Sexy Mario Land!

Now available in the Isekai Mario v1.4 update!

  • 9 new character models. (Total: 9 Mario, 250 anime)
  • 2 new character voices.
  • New scenario added: Super Sexy Mario Land
  • New scenario added: Shroom Isekai
  • Renamed the main story to Isekai Mario: Prologue
  • 1 new Isekai Trials level.
  • Replaced one picture in Isekaisekai.
  • Wednesday's Summon 2 is now The Rising of the Shield Hero.
  • Added Double Coins events.
  • Added progress info and more save files to title screen.
  • Added more options to settings menu.
  • Improved camera.
  • Paintings for cleared levels now have a gold frame.
  • Collecting a star now restores health.
  • Bug fixes.

This update optimizes the game to run better on Android. Due to the popularity of the Android version, it was important to make sure the game runs well on as many different Android devices as possible!

  • 25 new character models. (Total: 9 Mario, 275 anime)
  • The game now uses significantly less RAM.
  • Removed the in-game roadmap.
  • Bug fixes.

It's time to take on the True Demon Lord in the ultimate final showdown in the new Isekai Mario: Finale scenario! This update also adds Isekai Mario's largest and most difficult level to Isekai Trials! Get ready for the exciting finale to Isekai Mario in the v1.5 final update!

  • 25 new character models. (Total: 9 Mario, 300 anime)
  • New scenario added: Isekai Mario: Finale
  • 1 new Isekai Trials level.
  • Reduced the number of elements in Isekai Trials.
  • Added 4 new pictures to Isekaisekai.
  • Added a third daily summon banner on weekdays.
  • Added music to the file select screen.
  • Added randomize function to character select.
  • Added applause sound when you summon a new non-duplicate model.
  • Removed update checker.
  • Bug fixes.

For those who missed my announcement, Isekai Mario is my final Mario fangame, and I plan on permanently quitting Mario fangames and focusing on anime games going forward!