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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)
It has happened again. I think I have lost another composer for my project, first it was Jake Gamelin for the great fail that was the Kickastarter campaign, and now I have lost another one I had on Fiverr and it offered me a very good service for OST, and this time the problem was that we didn't have very good communication. At the beginning we were doing very well and it was a relationship that lasted 4 months, but because the "so good" soundtrack that did it to me, it raised my head and I got desperate when I was about to give myself the deliveries.

I was trying to remind him that there was little left for deliveries by repeatedly putting messages like that, but they didn't really contribute at all, because Fiverr already made them remember. Finally they gave me the deliveries, but he no longer wanted to provide me with the service again. All because of my forced impulses.

I am starting to give myself I am part of the problem of the development slowdown of Randy & Manilla.

P.D.: Ok, never mind. At the end we had an agreement to serve me again, because I have been able to apologize and admit my own mistakes.
I just hope an instinct of mine doesn't make me mess up again, because this seems like a last chance.

(These kinds of situations remind me a bit of Ralph Breaks the Internet).
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