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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)
Throughout the development of the Randy & Manilla project, there are parts that I made them just perfectly, and another with a little help from other developers, but when it comes to seeking a more integral help for my project, I didn't realize that there was a website named Fiverr (a place where users can make a living doing what they like best without being under pressure from companies).
For example, I have asked a musician named Icode4you to make me one of the soundtracks for the game, and the result for me has been more than very good apparently (the sountrack is available in his fiverr profile):

If I have something to spare or I am in serious lack of ideas, I can get someone to make me a good OST, Character & level design, models or script coding by a more economical price. Anyway, I just had to find the right place to get help for my project.
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