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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)

Although it doesn't offer new levels, this version It offers varied additions and improvements that give it a bit more in the gaming experience with the next updates:

- A route network has been included around of the selectable Net-Cubes for better signaling.
- The E-Mailer ship controls has been polished.
- Text & particle effects and animations has been included.
- Some characters have had small adjustments (Include the Randy ears & Manilla eyes).
- Racing vehicles have arrived in Wonder Race.
- The levels are accessed by buttons that appear when it step on them.
- The Terra-Qubit & Blacksquare goals are now more understandable.
- Blacksquare Qubit Battle has a better atmosphere.
- The disappearance of the text from pause buttons that occurred in some resolutions has been corrected.

If you are in knowing more about this project, There is a download file of the Special Alpha for Windows on this links:


Also, this game has been nominated in the Top 100 of the Indie of the Year 2019 from IndieDB.

[Image: xjfe8aady89q0y6fanyc.png]

Top 100 link:
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