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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)
Thank you Ivenal, lately you are being a little more understanding with me, and clearly all the bad situations they are having during the development of the game have been my fault Ouch!, I had high expectations with this game without knowing well the reality that was going to crash after, and now I have to settle for what I can improve in my development methods, and I also had some bad communications when it came to showing the project that I'm doing, at least I haven't gotten into such big excuses (as in some of my previous games, neither much less like Masuda with the controversies he had in Pokémon Sword/Shield), but well, it's never too late to correct yourself.

As a thank you I would ask you to analyze the alpha version of Randy & Manilla from the link that I had already sent to you in Discord, but well, it's not always time to play.
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