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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)
The Alpha version of Randy & Manilla is also available to download in:



IndieDB (File with Artwork):

But nevertheless, something made me take a bill after the end of his Kickstarter campaign (I think that is why), apparently the situation of the alpha version (although it has improved in some aspects), it's even worse than in the Pre-Alpha, nobody, almost absolutely nobody has downloaded it for days.
Why does nobody want to try the game and give me their opinion so I can improve it after playing?
Why, when I do things better, are they less interested in seeing me? should be the opposite.
Apart from the fact that there are other titles much more interesting than this, what I dislike most is that there is no one to give me the opportunity to give the necessary support for my project. Not receiving support or downloads for weeks or months in a row could inevitably lead to its cancellation just because the idea of the game itself doesn't work, And this picture of down is what I feel:

[Image: hat_kid_and_vanellope_meets_manilla_by_o...Tq0kd0UukY]
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