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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)
Randy & Manilla in Indiexpo (, have happened a couple of things: The good news is that finally the game page no longer has the risk to be removed, because it has already reached 15 downloads, the bad news is that still its pre-alpha version is still badly valued, I had tried to warn from the comments with a message like this: "Before they vote negatively, I inform you that this is just the Pre-Alpha version of the game (with his crashes), and I don't recommend that they play in earlier versions of Windows because of the error api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll."

But they didn't really pay attention to it, or it just made the situation worse, And I think I'm reviewing some of the most criticized points:
First, the ship controls (a primary part to explore and enter the Net-Cubes), they didn't look like a ship, they were part of the camera, and I think I have changed it in the development of the project by a much more dynamic and faster, I would also have to check the crash of the video panel from the pause menu, and I could say the same about the control of the character and do some revisions of the details.

But I being the only programmer of the project, I don't think it will improve it more than I can, I have been looking in Unity Hub, scripts and very interesting concepts that could be very useful, but the bad thing is that they was could even break up the colliders and the gravity of rigidbodys.

Could someone check me out and say what the game needs?
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