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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)
3D Modelling 
Despite the enormous difficulty it's having to announce the Randy & Manilla project, the good thing is that for the first time I am beginning to have development support, starting with the design of 3D models of the characters.

a user called Skyrider (Designer of fan-made models from Wreck-It Ralph & Hotel Transilvania by hobbie) he made to me the request to design one of the most important characters for this project, the 3D Model of Manilla.

As you can see, Manilla is a Vanellope-Like chibi character, true that this game is thinking to have references to that kind of movies (apart from the classic games supposedly), something that isn't very frequent to see in videogames and that is why this project is still an "extreme rarity".

Also in Discord, to date we are already 4 members on the server:
Among them are: ThiBaa from France, Luth from Indonesia & Jake Gamelin from California.
International help is always welcome on the Internet when there are good intentions.

Little by little I'm getting what I'm finding for, That is why this project will take years to reach maturity.

[Image: ddj148i-e0d62af5-1ad8-46ab-9af0-e151660e...pRtXr_CSxc]

(Sketchfab profile of Skyrider:
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