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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)
Something is going very wrong in the Randy & Manilla game since the launch of the Pre-Alpha, in ( has been stalled by the supersaturation of games, in IndieDB/ModDB ( nobody wants to download it, most game files don't exceed 3-5 downloads in the first 3 days (only they interested the mods of Mount & Blade: Warband & Hearts of Iron IV, which aren't bad games, but settle more to download this related mods).

And in Indiexpo (, was badly received (obviously a pre-alpha would have its bugs & crashes), and the worst is that if it don't get 15 downloads for next month, they would delete the game page.

Now I understand what is the main reason for the failure of the Kickstarter campaign on this project, I hastened, I launched it too early in terms of development and where it is still irrelevant. That's why I need help to develop the game, But what to invest so much effort if in the end nobody cares to see a simple game it try to become a great title over the years, I can't keep offering the same.
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