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Love and Ref: The Love Thread 2013-2014
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i am great at photoshop
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T-thank you so very much Cry Shy Genki ^_^
I love you~
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some love, for an awesome artist...also, i'm envious of that beard.
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before anyone asks, yes i am a male

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so this happened
thanks for putting up with my slight incremental
updates to a fighting game sprite that one time
Maybe I'll put out something better when my hands aren't FREEZING
Thank you! Genki ^_^

Or should I say...


[Image: VBJHFUm.png]

Yes, my photoshop skills are intense.
hey uh Lunchman, as the rules of this thread go, your reference has to be the first thing in your post, so I edited it~
also ty Previous ilu. Shy
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(05-05-2013, 05:05 AM)LunchPolice Wrote:

> AoE II archery range

Based LunchPolice. I remember playing AoE II growing up, got the HD edition recently!
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I'm too lazy to make a new one atm, so I'll just reuse this one again.
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~~LOVE~~ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
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Updated/more detailed main ref! Will be adding it to the first post.

Done by an awesome friend of mine named Denri Smile
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I might have forgotten Minus Clothing
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Also Love Stuff

Hey Look! I support stuff!
(05-07-2013, 11:54 PM)Hiyna S. Blackfeather Wrote: I might have forgotten Minus Clothing

Haha, that's brilliant Ninja
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Don't ask, it's complicated Embarassed

My best friend recently asked me to draw a chibi-esque vector image of myself but all I got is this Shy
(the other character is Afrogirl from VGjam)...
Added it to the alternate alternate characters list in that other post of mine.
Also this

[Image: LG2RU4C.png]
Thanks for the love Prev! I love it!Big Grin

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Anonymous Wrote:...the world is so much simpler if you just dont give a FUCK...

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