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[Read!] Request Rules
The Universal Rules apply.
By posting in or opening a thread on these forums, you acknowledge these rules and guidelines and agree with what they state.

Request Rules

1. Request Requirements

Members need a minimum of 20 posts and must have been registered for one month or longer to be allowed to make requests. People joining purely to make a request are not appreciated. Note that spamming to get those 20 posts will get you in trouble.
Be sure to check our Resource websites (tSR, tMR, tSoR, tTR), use the Forum Search and Google (or whatever you prefer) before making a request.

2. Be clear and understandable

When posting a request, make clear what you want. Be precise and to the point, give all necessary information (game, system, style, character...). If people have to research what exactly you want, they may be less inclined to help.

3. No one is required to fulfill your request

Fulfilling someones request is doing them a favour. You cannot expect anyone to do what you want and you cannot demand anything. Note that smaller requests are more likely to be fulfilled than large and complicated ones. Furthermore, you're free to offer incentives like money to raise interest.
If no one fulfills your request, chances are no one wants to or no one knows how to do it. We're people, not slave machines. Wait at least one or two weeks before bumping a topic and accept it when a request won't be fulfilled. Consider learning how to do it yourself.
In general, stay friendly and respectful. No one likes to do a favour for someone they don't like.

4. Fulfilled requests

Fulfilled request threads will be locked and moved to Completed Requests. If you think you have something valuable to add, contact the requester or a mod.
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