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Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic v2
(05-31-2018, 03:47 PM)Petie Wrote: Have you considered the possibility that you might be infected with local adware? What you're describing has all of the symptoms of it and would explain why nobody else I've spoken to has seen these full page takeovers happening here (or why there are no .xyz domains showing up in our ad reports). I'm not saying that's definitely what it is but it's a possibility that might be worth investigating.

Actually, no, come to think of it.
I cleaned out my mobile browser's cookies and caches just in case and not long after, another ad of the same kind appeared. I think they (very briefly) appear as a different site the redirects to the .xyz tag, which is why they wouldn't show up in reports.
Either that or my phones and mobile devices (all of them, mysteriously) really do have some kind of adware that only triggers on specific sites.
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