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Full Version: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic v2
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Mighty Jetters correctly pointed out that an official replacement for this thread was never created. E-Man did kind of make one early on but it turned into more of a discussion about annoying ads in general (which is perfectly fine) and I suppose it's time for a new one.

So, if you see an ad that's inappropriate, overly intrusive, has auto-playing audio or video, or anything else that you think doesn't belong on the site, use this thread to let us know and we'll take care of it as soon as we can.

Edit: February 10, 2018
Since our recent switch to updated publisher code, there's a new way for us to deal with malicious ads. Please continue to report them here but provide the page you were on when it loaded and as close as possible to the date and time it happened. If you'd like, you can also make the report directly by providing this information at but I'm also happy to submit the reports as well. Thanks!
I know that when I use the site on my phone I'll sometimes be redirected to the app store without clicking anything. Should I keep a list of apps that it wants me to download, or something?
That would be a start. Often, the page that redirected you also stays open in the browser so if you can grab the URL too, that would be great. Those ads are the worst so removing them as quickly as possible is a priority.
A couple more.

Game of War - Fire Age by Machine Zone, Inc

Draft Kings has redirected me 4 times today.

Luxe on Demand Valet Parking. I also got the one Tonberry got. I've visited three pages including this. Two out of those three were redirects

Big Fish Casino
Did something change about the ads? 6 times in a row, they redirected me or had a pop up. I had a hard time just getting to this thread.
The first redirect was :

Popup :
Thanks! We're looking into this and hopefully, they'll be removed quickly. These kinds of ads are unacceptable but we need to wait for the publishers to respond to our reports so their removal isn't an instant process unfortunately.
Pop-up + redirect:
There also one with a high pitch noise and popup but i cant get the url...
So uh... I was on the Who's Online page and I apparently got redirected to this a bit ago: http://microsecuritywinsecuritysupport.m...edowinexe/


My headphones suddenly started blaring out a loud beep I had to pull them off and it didn't stop -- I swear I thought my computer was flipping out until I decided to flip through the tabs and found the VGR one had redirected to that. So yea looks super virus-y and would scare the shit outta people.
Definitely malicious. We'll get this taken care of ASAP assuming it came from us. You're sure it was on our end and not something else on your system?

Also, a word of caution to everyone, don't click the link she posted. I'll remove it as soon as we have it dealt with.
Yes. It came from my browser. My computer never does stuff like this and I just ran virus and malware scans and neither of them found anything.
I know it was your browser but you said you had a ton of tabs open. How do you know that it came from here?
I never said I had a ton of tabs open. I have very few tabs open most of the time. I know it came from you guys because like I said in my first post, the redirect was directly within the VGR tab and that is the tab where the malicious site was opened.
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