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tSR Werewolf 20XX: Werewolf Harder (signups)
(08-16-2012, 10:26 PM)Keiang Wrote: I'M IN.

Whoa, I completely missed this post! Let me add you to the roster!

Anyway everyone, it's 4 hours late, but the game has finally started. I got caught up with a lot of stuff today that I didn't think I'd be doing, but fortunately I was still able to get everything ready. I may extend the first day by another 24 hours if that's needed.

Role PMs are being sent out now! Thanks for your patience. Smile

The game thread is here.
The lounge thread is here.

Just a reminder that you can still sign up as a replacement! Replacements take the place of any player that is inactive for too long or has to leave the game due to personal reasons. I would prefer if you sign up using this thread, but doing so in the lounge thread is acceptable as well.
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