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Your "4 Iconic video game characters" Thread
For those who were pissed off at the one toxic video game related post on Twitter on the top 20 most iconic video game characters ever, here's a thread on your own opinion on the 4 most iconic video game characters. Optional: and tell us why you think 1 of the 4 game characters you picked are iconic.

But I got 1 rule for this: No being salty or toxic to others

P.S. This thread is based off a tweet discussion started by 1 of my friends, The Well Red Mage, on Twitter to see what other people thinks... So yeah.. LOL

I'll start:
  • Bomberman: He touched the hearts of not just Japanese gamers, but the hearts of a couple billion gamers (both non-otaku & otaku gamers) for 40 years.
  • Mario
  • Banjo - Kazooie
  • Left Paddle from Pong
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