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Your "4 Iconic video game characters" Thread - Shin FireyPaperMario - 04-12-2024

For those who were pissed off at the one toxic video game related post on Twitter on the top 20 most iconic video game characters ever, here's a thread on your own opinion on the 4 most iconic video game characters. Optional: and tell us why you think 1 of the 4 game characters you picked are iconic.

But I got 1 rule for this: No being salty or toxic to others

P.S. This thread is based off a tweet discussion started by 1 of my friends, The Well Red Mage, on Twitter to see what other people thinks... So yeah.. LOL

I'll start:
  • Bomberman: He touched the hearts of not just Japanese gamers, but the hearts of a couple billion gamers (both non-otaku & otaku gamers) for 40 years.
  • Mario
  • Banjo - Kazooie
  • Left Paddle from Pong