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Love and Ref: The Love Thread 2013-2014
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Here ya go, dude!
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I have some more sketches lying around but TBH I never really have the motivation to add color to my drawings so I'll post what I'm able to find of my char.

I'll add more references to this as I find my sketches. and such
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Anti-Vipershark Operation Pantsu Weapon - By Kistu-nii~ Cute

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(03-10-2013, 09:34 PM)The Flash Wrote: Love~
Here ya go, dude!

Well thank you, sir Cute

In the sig it goes~
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I just noticed Sengir's portrait and laughed so hard.

I might want to download RPG maker again. It might even be a better route for me to make tsrBound. I also have the urge to make more characters to appear in it that weren't in it before (due to the refs not being posted until later) but that's almost a bad thing because its another excuse for me not to program the damn game.
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TsrBound sounds cool.
Wonder what I should call mine???
Another TSR, Ts-rpg, something more elaborate like "Resource Sign of Heaven"

Also Orga's Slug mafia sounds like a good boss/story arch
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Also jetters and chris

added a little would be stat screen
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Love Gotta Have it:
TSRpg - Revenge of the Green Guy
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« Ref »
« »
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thankies Virtual, that's cute! Big Grin
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Those are really cool Virtuaboy!

I always have issues with keeping a certain style consistent! Tongue
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hello guys
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honestly I think your avatar is a better reference for telling what's going on. Shy
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(03-10-2013, 05:00 PM)Virtuaboy123 Wrote: made 3 more
Sunlight, Bombshell, Phaze
[Image: 3more.png]
I find it nice that some refs could easily fit in a story relationship.

Like Ink could be one of Sunlight's creations/pets and escapes and it up to our heroes to catch him before he burns the town down.
Perhaps after the quest you could get like a fire pendant that helps you resist devastating ice attacks. Would go well vs someone else secondary ref (who I see as a boss).
Love it! Big Grin
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For that Magic Fox lady!

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Also Love Stuff

Hey Look! I support stuff!
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Battle sprites
[Image: battlesprites.png]
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Love Gotta Have it:
So, it's going to be like Pokemon then?
God is good.  Big Grin

An old fart who sits on a chair, giving animation and pixeling advice,... and calls everyone son...
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No only certain characters will be made into enemies, due to them seeming like bad guys. I'f anything I'll be more like Dragonquest/Mother Zero.

when I say mother zero I mean because they will have strange moves or moves that do nothing.
Like Demon Lemon's attack pattern could be

T1: D. Lemon grins
T2: D. Lemon attacks
T3: D. Lemon squirts some juice... Tangy
T4: D. Lemon attacks

It would be a very silly story.
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Love Gotta Have it:
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