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Sprite Usage - renn - 05-31-2015

Hey all,
I was wondering the rules are for using sprites from the site for personal non-monetary purposes. I was looking at these in this thread, and was wondering if I could use them as split images in the speed running tool LiveSplit as I plan to begin running Banjo Kazooie. I of course would provide a link to the forum thread, and give credit where credit is due on my stream info on I was also thinking I might need to individually contact the illustrators/drawers of each sprite to request permission to use, but I am just not sure if there are general rules to this type of thing.


P.S. I would have asked in the thread itself, but it was archived so I apologize if this is not the right section to post this in.

RE: Sprite Usage - Petie - 05-31-2015

In general, the use you're looking for is fine. As you thought though, contacting the individuals responsible for the sprites is the way to go since they're custom work. Their permission, along with a link to the thread and a credit to the author, sounds like it would be more than enough to cover you.

Thanks for checking and for actually thinking through this so thoroughly - it makes answering these types of questions much easier. And this was definitely the right place for this, especially given that the other thread is archived. If you need anything else, just let me know.