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Banjo-Kazooie Sprite Project!
It's the Banjo-Kazooie Project with an all new style made by YOU! We'll sprite characters and items from the games!

The best part is there are so many characters and items from this series, you can do anyone or anything you want. There's no real goal but wouldn't it be nice to make some cool custom sprite sheets?

[Image: jiggy-anim-1.gif]ABOUT THE STYLE[Image: jiggy-anim-1.gif]
-The characters in this style are not 100% accurate to their in game appearance. They have larger heads and shorter chubbier limbs.

-Every color has just two shades except for larger characters. And black outline. Light source coming from above and front of the character.

-Long character don't have to be at an angle. Their bodies can be perfectly sideways.

-Character do not have accurate sizes and are very similar in size, unless they are supposed to be huge like bosses, or really small like Jinjos.

-Finding the right size can be hard, keep adjusting the characters until they look right in comparison to each other.

Here's the Banjo-Kazooie Wiki which contains a list of all the characters, enemies, bosses, and items.

[Image: banjokazooietodo.png]
-Jumping (Feathery Flap)
-Flip Flap
-Grip Grab
-Swimming (Underwater)
-Claw Swipe
-Forward Roll
-Rat-a-tat Rap
-Beak Barge
-Beak Buster
-Shoot Egg
-Bounce Egg
Special Skills
-Talon Trot
-Shock Spring Jump
-Flying (Beak Bomb)

Color Pallet
[Image: banjocolors.png]

Special thanks to Bwar for hosting the master sheet!

Kinda shitty, too much blank space, didn't look at a ref, gotta leave soon, but
[Image: banjo.png]
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I'd stick with a simpler style similar to what sengir has going on, that looks cute and simple enough to attract more people into this.

I am not a fan of Banjo & Kazooie but I might come up with a sprite or two c:
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[Image: deT1vCJ.png]
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Hm interesting. You're right a simple style will attract more people. I'll try something else. Thanks.

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[Image: banjop.png]
here's my crack at it.
bumped the amount of colors down to make it a tad bit simpler and posed him a little better.
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#6 not liking the style at all. It seems unfitting for something like Banjo Kazooie.

Banjo Kazooie needs something vibrant, bouncy, and "alive". I'm not getting that feeling at all when looking at this sprite. Even with Kabukiguy's revamped version.
I MAY come up with something.
[Image: 9fryz.gif] [Image: QUmE6.gif]
[Image: XwNYE.gif]
[Image: qjGOacY.png]

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Well I am very excited to see what you have Star!

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A-a Banjo Kazooie spriting project?

We have to start this project and keep it alive! make sprite sheets of the characters! post them on the site..

But the style...I tried to think of something simple..

[Image: BANJOBABY.png]

It..It kinda looks like the Smash Bros. project style in a way..
Maybe the same thing? just smaller?
urrmm..I'll let Starpower handle this.
#9 may not want to rely on me at the Mine went from simple to..well this.

[Image: oRIEp.png]
Detail wise, I went overboard. I'm gonna remake the colors whenever I'm done with it. Right now these are just beta colors..since my eyes are burning right now, just gonna leave this here >_<
[Image: 9fryz.gif] [Image: QUmE6.gif]
[Image: XwNYE.gif]
[Image: qjGOacY.png]

Click the link below to view the New Super Mario Kart Project! [Seizure Warning]

An alternate place you can use for enemy lists/images is

Personally I think that they have a better resource for what you'd need
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It's an awesome sprite though! As always. Perhaps if we use just two shades? I dunno.
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Um tried messing around with Kabukiguy's edit.

[Image: banjonewie.png]

10 colors.
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[Image: banjoi.png]
I edited banjo to look more accurate but kept the style simple enough to be emulated, or made into a sheet

edit: I did this before actually reading the topic, and did this thinking we were just trying to make banjo sheets
His blocky bulky design was supposed to be a fusion of his old design and new one. The sprite you made looks like he's about to fall over.

Not to say my sprite was anything close to being the right one either.
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I liked the angle I put him at before but I can see why you feel that way
[Image: banjom.png]

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