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Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - Garamonde - 04-21-2014

Old thread

Looks like it's time for a new thread! You know what that means!

(But if not then here are the rules copy-pasted from the old thread below:)

And remember: No asking for love! Even indirectly or in private. That spoils the fun!

Character reference list:

02683 Baegal
00067 Codestar
02177 Crappy Blue Luigi
01582 Demonlemon
06224 E-Man
04615 Gwen
00106 Helmo
17810 Hiynastrike
04128 Iceman404
26698 Iocus
00157 Kitsu
00367 Kosheh
27437 Level 1
07137 Lexou Duck
01912 [MachoBot RoboSavage]
05602 MoneyMan
16536 Mutsukki
00535 NICKtendo DS
00064 Omega
22126 Omnikariz
00669 Orgasmatron
19236 Paladin
00026 Phantom Killah
18557 Phaze
25182 psychospacecow
16140 puggsoy
09808 recolorme
00036 Rosencrantz
20145 SchAlternate
09611 Sevenstitch
13981 ShadeDBZ
00072 SmithyGCN
04981 TomGuycott
15890 Trollerskates
14526 Zadaben

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - [robo9] - 04-21-2014

I'll start off the list~

[Image: avatar_1912.png?dateline=1404168500]

Old MachoBot stuff:

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - TomGuycott - 04-21-2014

I need to update this Love compilation sometime, but for now it's the best source for TomGuycott reference material.

[Image: YCTnm.png]

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - Kosheh - 04-21-2014

yay reposts.

After literally ten goddamn years of using the same ref, I've finally gotten around to updating Kosheh to suit me a lil better. I've overall simplified his design so now i dont feel like im murdering my hands every time i try to draw kosheh!!
[Image: Lo8qIdy.png]
I've ditched the trenchcoat and gone with a simpler button down, a scarf and fingerless gloves. You know, for attitude. Because scarves and fingerless gloves are Cool As Heck.
(also b/c kosheh would totally explore the hell out of a randomly generated dungeon
also totally didn't have nathan drake in mind, that just kinda came later)

the bluejay on my head is now just...well, it's just fancy anime hair. kinda. no it's saturday morning-ish. oh whatever.
*a little extra trivia - as a throwback to the original design, kosheh's hair curls up in the back, though it's out of view here (think like where the nape of his neck is)

I was going to make the belt buckle a work of art, but I just let it be for now. Why overcomplicate the design? :/

i'm also going out of my way to make a second ref. why? because i can. also, because apparently drawing people is hard.

ladies and gentlemen: koshmallard
[Image: d6T2eqV.png]
"fuck pants im a duck" - koshmallard 2014

i was feelin pretty ducky and thought i could do a little somethin-somethin to fit in around duckburg. bein top duck aint easy u know. gotta do a bunch of ducky shit. swim in a pond. molt. u know the deal.

so yeah, new refs in my sig but if you could update my refs in the OP i'd be Muchos Grateful!!

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - Crappy Blue Luigi - 04-21-2014

[Image: UdGoLMw.png]
the first three are crappy blue luigi/blue crapsman; the last two are blue's sister, cybil.

i don't have a preference. love whoever you want.

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - Level 1 - 04-21-2014

[Image: aHArsdK.gif]

[Image: IyaUcHQ.gif]

Courtesy of Des

My scanner isn't working right now, so I can't show my drawings but this should be enough for now.

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - Phantom Killah - 04-21-2014


[Image: s2mRgb3.png]

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - Kitsu - 04-21-2014


[Image: 8iwaV.png]
[Image: 3U8tx]

Basically the latest edition

previously, i was a catgirl lol

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - Sevenstitch - 04-22-2014


My ref, Greenguin, name now changed to Gringuin to reflect his palette change, as I quite prefer the Teal over the Green

[Image: colors.png]

[Image: mugshot.png]

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - Paladin - 04-22-2014


[Image: gZa8Aeu.png]

i might have to change this though

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - E-Man - 04-22-2014

Not bad! It's great to be able to post on one of these kinds of threads in its infancy!


Refs (I seriously need to make better ones than these)
[Image: E-ManRef_zps7399549b.png?t=1386277153]
[Image: E-ManRef2_zpsdc538d93.png?t=1386277157]

Secret Santa gift
[Image: ePmc4yd.jpg]

Ploaj drew this
[Image: HlQpqzO.png]

Iocus sprited this
[Image: GGbyi1L.png]

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - Paladin - 04-22-2014

[Image: XnfzTBr.png]

Also, here's some Gringuin love.

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - Orgasmatron - 04-22-2014

[Image: RNXYU.png]

there i am

RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - Gors - 04-22-2014

this is what i get for updating the old thread's name. okay.


RE: Eternal Love [LOVE THREAD 2014] - Iocus - 04-22-2014

(04-22-2014, 07:21 AM)Paladin Wrote: 19236
i might have to change this though

I for one, like it! Or maybe I just like the style/colors? Can't say for sure. Still, would be nice if you had a lower body reference too...

In any case, here you go!
[Image: nuI6Ocz.jpg]

Not the most masterful pencilwork, but I hope you like it!