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When ripping these, I have to load basically flip through 2 to 3 palettes, is there a way to have it so that it loads the full palette? IS there a tile ripping program that loads a full palette?
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There is no 'full palette', since the body parts each have their own palette.
The only tile ripping program that will load the 'full palette' will be one that parses the format of the file and displays the animations (or just the frames). Otherwise you'd have to get a tile viewer that lets you assign palettes to certain regions of the file. It could be that YY-CHR can do that (I'm not sure), but the process would still be manual, and not really that much faster (if at all) than manually removing the wrongly-coloured parts of both 'versions' of the tiles.
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(11-19-2010, 01:42 PM)Barubary Wrote: It could be that YY-CHR can do that (I'm not sure)

You'd have to use the most recent version of the tool, which isn't 100% in English... and even then you'd have to be working purely with NES tiles to make said feature work :/
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Thanks for the help. I'll just a new method I found. I found cheat that can blank out the backdrop. If I could find a cheat to remove effects, I'd be very happy.
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