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Full Version: One Piece - Grand Battle Swan Colloseum rip project
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Way to go, Gary! You the man! Keep it up!
Meh, it's more because I think Tashigi is cute. Also the only reason why Samantha (Totally Spies) is the only spy to be ripped so far Tongue.
I'm gonna reserve the next easiest set.
Can I do Ace?
Whoa Gary, awesome job!
And about Ace, I dunno, you already ripped a sheet (not saying it's a punishable thing, but just giving a chance out to anyone else who's interested) but if you really want to, go ahead, I'll reserve it to you (and Tashigi to Gary :>)
Might as well join in with this and reserve a random character of Sam's choice. It doesn't matter how many banks there are just providing the character doesn't have any tile arranging issues (one of my weaknesses).
That's it, I'm done with it. I'm not doing her cut-scene images. At least not for this sheet.

[Image: onepiece_gbsc_tashigi_icon.png]
Oh wow, that's more than I could ever ask for! Excellent job, Gary!
I'm sad this is dying and that I haven't done anything.
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