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Full Version: One Piece - Grand Battle Swan Colloseum rip project
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Hey guys, Sam here. Anyone remember this game?
[Image: rockinnb9.png]
Of course you don't, it's for the WonderSwan Color. :<
The thing is, it's an awesome game just like the WonderSwan, and it has awesome sprites too. What I'm after here is a group of people capable of using a tool known as Tile Molester, for I have gathered an XML file including bookmarks of palettes and offsets of each character in the game. Observe below.
[Image: yeah1mn2.png]
Oh Wow..! Every character has an amount of Banks, or 'bunches of sprites' as I'd call it. I'll list them below with a pic of the character and a comment next to it, or if it's done, a centered image with a link to the sheet:
[Image: Nami.png] Nami, 5 banks / Pretty easy
[Image: tashigo697.png]
Done! By GaryXCJk.
[Image: Crocodile.png] Crocodile, 6 banks / Some tile arranging issues with the sandy tiles might happen
[Image: NicoRobin.png] Nico Robin, 4 banks / Pretty easy
[Image: Sanji.png] Sanji, 6 banks / Pretty easy
[Image: Luffy.png] Luffy, 7 banks / Easy, but 7 banks
[Image: Ace.png] Ace, 4 banks / Some tile arranging issues with the fiery tiles might happen
[Image: Zoro.png] Zoro, 7 banks / Sword swishing might confuse you and 7 banks is a lot
[Image: Usopp.png] Usopp, 5 banks / Nothing too special, there might be issues with the slingshot I guess
[Image: MR1.png] Mr. 1, 7 banks / Pretty easy but 7 banks
[Image: Smoker.png] Smoker, 6 banks / Some tile arranging issues with the smokey tiles might happen
[Image: Chopper.png] Chopper, 6 banks / Easy
[Image: MR2.png] Mr. 2, 5 banks / Pretty easy
[Image: wachoo680.png]
Done! By Rakia.
[Image: dugongthumb539.png]
Done! By Dazz.

So yeah, I'm guessing this is the thread where we discuss the project. Be sure to post/comment/reserve/suggest stuff if you're interested (or not, haw haw).

I've attached a ZIP containing a Special Version of Tile Molester (which introduces support for several new palette types, but that's irrelevant) that has the XML file in the 'Resources' folder for easy peasy usage; just boot Tile Molester and open the ROM in it (which, by the way has to be named exactly One_Piece_-_Grand_Battle_Swan_Colloseum_(J).wsc!)

Ripping tutorial video
(Requires QuickTime or VLC or whatever)

I'll keep updating this post as the thread gets replies. If you have something to ask you wouldn't go for in this thread, be sure to contact me through AIM or MSN or whatever.
Great that you're doing this, BUT NO GIVING OUT ROMS. NO NO NO!

Post edit'd.
This game has TASHIGI WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so gonna help out on this one.

EDIT: Do Ace and Smoker near the end of the Tashigi 2 set belong to the Tashigi 2 set?
I don't think your program will work with my Mac...
Maybe it's because your Mac SUCKS.

Or you just didn't download the Java Runtime Environment.
GrooveMan.exe Wrote:Great that you're doing this, BUT NO GIVING OUT ROMS. NO NO NO!

Post edit'd.


I'm just being careful. Or old-fashioned. Whichever.
@Grooveman: It's alright, I didn't know about the ROM policy either before Dazz told me. Smile
@Rakia: Tile Molester works on all Macs ranging from Mac OS 8(?) to 10.5. I'm sure it'll work on your computer, what OS are you running?
@Gary: Hrm, not sure.. I'll check it out as soon as I get home, aight?
Let me try it again.
Hopefully it'll work this time.
Gary, Just got home, and checked it out.
Very strange..! There's usually a bunch of garbage to separate the banks from eachother, but this makes little to no sense..! Weird.
[Image: 2h5uon6.png]
I just did this because I needed something to keep my hands busy while watching V for Vendetta
Hot damn, nice job! Rakia kinda already 'reserved' that rip, but can't see myself throwing away a quality rip like this.
Awesome rip, but be sure to keep a lookout for more reserves so there won't be any inconvenience in the future. :>
Last I checked there were no reserves, and nobody had posted to mention the reserve Sad
Yeah, that kinda was a fiddle in an MSN conversation mixed with my slowness to edit the post.
Yosh! I've already done over half the sprites!

[Image: tashigi_p.png]

So now I only need to do sets 2 and 3.
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