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Full Version: Icon Templates and Barubary's Icon Maker
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Icon Templates:

Barubary's Icon Maker:

Latest version is here:

Large Preview Icons (Models):

thank you
(05-17-2009, 01:10 PM)Omega Wrote: [ -> ]thank you
You're welcome. Big Grin

I'm pretty sure certain you're not the only one that wanted the icon templates again.
Links to download Barubary's Icon Maker
- Mirror 1
- Mirror 2
- Mirror 3
- Mirror 4

The last mirror was provided by Barubary himself at the old topic
Added the mirror links to the first post.
Thank for very much for the Icon Maker. I'm new here and didn't know what to do until I found this thread.
I am using GIMP and I couldn't get the same results for the font with using verdana size 7. But I did a little experiment and it looks exactly the same if I use verdana size 9. I am not sure why it matters in graphics manipulator you are using, but note that GIMP is Verdana 9, not 7.Wink
- Corel Paint Shop Pro templates
Includes: sheet icons for PSP9 and PSPX2, Game icon for PSPX2

Posted here long ago, at another topic
My bro made his own version that worked faster for me. Same concept but it's probably missing something...
(08-29-2009, 01:37 AM)megarockexe Wrote: [ -> ]My bro made his own version that worked faster for me. Same concept but it's probably missing something...
Nice, but it has some issues:
- painting should be additive; currently any other layer below a (partly) transparent one is not visible.
- if you drag a lower layer past an upper layer, focus is switched to the upper layer, while you were dragging the lower one.
- If the text entered is too large, the still visible text is moved left. Also, some characters are not drawn completely when the text does not fit the line.
(and multiline text is not supported)
This looks a lot easier than I was expecting, though I might just use the template, but thx for the tutorial. Smile

EDIT: I tried to make my own but I couldn't remember how to make images transparent in PSP 7, so I gave in and downloaded it...and that thing is a LIFESAVER! I just made an awesome icon with it, thx a lot for making this thing! Big Grin
Might be pushing it but it won't let me make a Section Icon, it keeps claiming that it "Couldn't find one of the required images: 'iconData/sectionIcon.png"
Have you tried using the latest version (v3, which for some reason does not seem to have been mentioned here, but has been on the models and texture boards)?
If that doesn't work, do you have the latest version of java installed? (or at least 1.6?) (I'm just guessing here; I've never seen such an error to be honest)
I didn't know about Version 3. How come it didn't get mentioned much here?

Just downloaded the latest version of Java. Works perfect now.Thanks.
Updated the link to download the Icon Maker so it leads to the newest revision.
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