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Full Version: What's your favorite Monsters from 90s FPS games?
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Well First person shooter isn't my favorite video game genre but i love 90s FPS games with 2D sprites such as DOOM and Hexen, i love monsters too because they have cool designs and that's why i wanna talk about the monsters from the 90s FPS games,
My favorite monsters are...

11: Blemid (from Shadowcaster)
[Image: 35606.png?updated=1460949966]
10: Overlord (from Duke Nukem 3D)
[Image: 24097.png?updated=1460949143]
9: Undead Warrior (from Heretic)
[Image: 30558.png?updated=1460949608]
8: Monstruct (from HacX)
[Image: 30919.png?updated=1460949637]
7: Cacodemon (from DOOM)
[Image: 27868.png?updated=1522939974]
6: Skeletal Witch (from Witchaven)
[Image: 30908.png?updated=1460949637]
5: Android (from HacX)
[Image: 30913.png?updated=1460949637]
4: Cyberdemon (from DOOM)
[Image: 27870.png?updated=1522940028]
3: Sabreclaw (from Heretic)
[Image: 30557.png?updated=1460949608]
2: Golem (from Heretic)
[Image: 30553.png?updated=1460949607]
1: Centaur (from Hexen)
[Image: 30627.png?updated=1460949612]

Honorable mentions!
Thorn Thing (from HacX) and Ophidian (from Heretic)
[Image: 30922.png?updated=1460949638][Image: 30556.png?updated=1460949608]

So what's your favorite monsters? i would like to hear your opinions. Wink