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Full Version: Nintendo Crossover Ideas
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I've created this thread so we can talk about our dream Nintendo crossovers. We've already got Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, though not many people consider it to be a good game, unfortunately.

I currently have 3 Nintendo crossovers in mind.

1 - Metroid x Star Fox: I think both games could use a crossover very well. Both of them have some similar serious alien-like space themes with advanced technology. I can imagine both series taking place in the same universe.

2 - Fire Emblem x Advance Wars: They might not be very similar story-wise, but they are gameplay-wise.

3 - WarioWare x Mainline Mario: This wouldn't be a thread from Alefy San without me fanboying for WarioWare. I just would really love to see WarioWare characters like Orbulon and Ashley meet mainline Mario characters like Princess Daisy and Toadsworth.