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Full Version: Just Finished My First Metal Gear Game
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Yo! I've been always hearing about this Metal Gear series. People seem to really like it, for some reason.
So, some days ago I started playing Metal Gear Solid 1 from the Ps1 and I finished it yesterday after 7 hours and 30 minutes of nonstop gameplay. So far I'm loving it! I'm really excited to play the second game soon. It has a very good and complex story, especially for a PS1 game! The soundtrack is very memorable. It has an in-depth gameplay. The characters are also very charismatic, I am really looking foward to interacting more with them in future games.

I am avoiding spoilers as best as I can. Wish me good luck!


(hopefully the next games are easier than this one...)
Now I've just finished Metal Gear Solid 2... already. Wow, what a game! That really was a very different experience from every single other game I've ever played! And also... I was never so confused about a plot before, I still don't understand most of what happened.

I am really looking forward to play more games from this series in the future.