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Full Version: Let's predict the next new Bomberman Game
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Ever since yesterday, freaking Konami announced on their official Super Bomberman R Online website that on December 1st, 2022, they're going to pull the plug on the game's services, ending it forever.

Here's the link to the webpage containing more details Very Sad.

But not all is lost, the webpage also foretold that they're going to be new installments to the resurrected Bomberman series that'll take SBMRO's place, which is the theme of today's topic. What Hudson Soft Bomberman installment will the new Bomberman R game be based off of, or will it be a newly original installment made from the ground up with villains from past games? That's for anyone to discuss and debate.

I've added thread poll of 9 Bomberman installments from the past, as well as a choice predicting that the new Bomberman game will be an original installment. So, enough of this, let's all discuss & debate!
Since this is Konami, what they mean by new Bomberman projects could be anything. Considering that Bomberman's 40th anniversary is approaching, expect some older games getting a re-release.

Judging by the Castlevania collections, expect a Bomberman collection or two based on the NES, PC Engine, SNES and Game Boy games (minus Wario Blast due to rights issues) as well as Mega Bomberman handled by M2 with physical releases in the West by Limited Run. Due to how many there were on the SNES, it could be its own collection (5 Super Bomberman games and a few spinoffs). Maybe a few on Nintendo Switch Online such as the N64 games and the PS1/PSP games on Sony's PS Plus service but it depends whether Konami will do that.

Realistically expect another mobile game and/or pachinko in Japan as well as Konami attempting certain "blockchain based images" for sale. My expectations of getting a new game are kind of low. It does seem sudden saying that they will continue with updates regarding SBMRO in March but then announce its discontinuation in June. If there is one, can see it being an improved version of Super Bomberman R Online since there is actually some pretty good content there or worst case scenario, a game based on "blockchain based images" like what Square-Enix and Level 5 are chasing after. The dream is of course making Saturn Bomberman more available or a remake based on the HD version done in the early 1990s (presumably that's lost now).

To answer the question whether the next Bomberman game will be based on an older one, the answer is nope. Super Bomberman R is like a reboot since it was the first serious attempt from Konami to revive the series (Hudson were going to work on a 3DS game but it got cancelled when Konami bought and closed down the company). There might be references to the older games but that is all we are going to get. Besides the nature of the series tends to be in a way where people go for the latest games while leaving the older ones behind outside of a select few as in the case of more multiplayer focused games. Sure there is a fanbase for the N64 games because they were different outside of the JP only game (imagine the same regarding Jetters, the party games and the RPG spinoffs) however the fanbase is considered "too small" in the eyes of Konami.
Update! The upcoming Super Bomberman R 2's story mode is going to be an original story, and not based off 1 of the Hudson Soft Bomberman games. So no more voting in the poll now. Sorry bout that. : /